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Julien Fiette, Founder and CEO, ITinSellJulien Fiette, Founder and CEO
The world’s largest store is in everyone’s pocket today. Driven by the appeal of speed, convenience, and flexibility that is enjoyed both by businesses as well as end consumers, e-commerce has become increasingly popular worldwide. However, many sellers and buyers have also started recognising the downsides of e-commerce on the environment. It is leaving a massive carbon footprint on the ecosystem, generating tons of carbon emissions per year. This is primarily due to the waste generated during the procurement, packaging, and shipping and return of these products, which is also now increasing exponentially.

But all hope is not lost. According to the Nielsen study, ‘Unpacking the Sustainability Landscape,’ 73 percent of e-commerce sellers and consumers are willing to change their ways to reduce the impact on the environment. Sometimes, consumers are even seeking more eco-friendly e-commerce companies over others to ensure their products are being delivered without leaving an excessive carbon footprint.

Helping e-commerce organisations meet the expectations of the environmentally-aware world is ITinSell—a developer of end-to-end IT solutions for packaging and shipping. The company aims to reduce the carbon footprint in e-commerce by facilitating end-to-end optimisation. “We have designed a robust SaaS platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and automation tools to facilitate greater speed, simplicity, and sustainability in their logistics workflow,” says Julien Fiette, founder and CEO of ITinSell.

ITinSell’s platform helps e-commerce companies eliminate wastage of resources, time, and space by completely streamlining their logistics workflow right from the moment an order is received from the consumer. The platform automatically assesses the orders coming into the order management systems and organises consumer information to assign optimally suited carriers for the products. The platform then uses the data to print customised labels for each order, which are scanned and tracked during different stages and sent to ITinSell’s centralised GDPR-compliant database. By monitoring and optimising the packaging and shipping cycle, ITinSell eliminates instances of orders getting lost during transit and also considerably shrinks the unnecessary utilisation of critical resources, reducing the carbon footprint due to the re-procurement of orders.

The company’s stride toward carbon-free logistics, however, goes beyond just the optimisation of its clients’ e-commerce workflows. ITinSell has already put forth a charter to promote environmentally responsible operations for the entire logistics industry. In the charter, ITinSell has defined the primary commitments and values that foresighted businesses can follow to establish sustainable and ecological logistics.

The foremost priority is reducing void rate:

Often, the packaging of products comes with excessive empty space, which not just requires more cardboard but also an additional area in transport vehicles. When compounded, this leads to more shipping trips for fewer products and hence, increased carbon emissions. By urging manufacturers todisplay void rates in their primary packaging, ITinSell wants to make more conscious decisions about the environment. ITinSell already implements the void rate display approach in their secondary packaging solutions. As the next step, ITinSell will also take proactive measures to develop advanced robotic solutions that can facilitate tighter packing around products. With a substantial reduction in the packaging space, the transportation trips will also reduce, significantly reducing the carbon footprint during shipping.

Reducing raw materials is a precursor to decreasing impact on the environment:

There are times when parcels come with extensive packing material inside the box, either paper or bubble wrap. This has to be disposed of and recycled. ITinSell, in its charter, proposes accurate determination of optimal packaging materials to eliminate the use of excessive natural or environmentally harmful resources. In this regard, the company offers an AI tool in its platform to help companies calculate the minimal packaging material required for any order.

Indicating carbon footprinting instils greater awareness:

Every delivered product generates a carbon footprint during packaging and shipping. By encouraging companies to display the specific carbon footprint levels in the order tunnel, ITinSell aims to increase awareness among both e-commerce companies and end consumers. In the future, ITin- Sell wants to add this capability to their platform to help clients determine their exact carbon footprint. Consequently, the primary-level manufacturing companies will focus on better optimising their packaging and shipping methods, and the environmentally-conscious consumers will also begin favouring less carbon-generating products.

The commitments proposed in the charter are just the first steps towards establishing a full-scale circular economy. The company has created a dedicated page where interested parties can sign the charter and show their commitment to the five ‘green’ values proposed by ITinSell, thus contributing to the future of sustainable logistics.
“With the help of this charter, combined with our platform’s algorithmic approach, we aim to reduce vacuum and raw material used in e-commerce packaging by 50 percent by 2023,” says Dorota Smaggia, chief revenue officer of ITinSell.

Business Intelligence for Greater Customer Satisfaction

The actionable BI insights gained from ITinSell’s database also play a significantrole in facilitating higher customer satisfaction and retention for its e-commerce clients. Access to accurate, consistent, and shared information on the platform enables the accounting, shipping, and customer service teams to monitor each order irrespective of location. In case the products are lost or damaged during transit, the platform’s inbuilt supply chain event manager (SCEM) automatically detects the anomalies and notifies the relevant teams, helping them coordinate efficiently and solve the problems in the shortest time.

The ITinSell platform’s customer engagement benefits extend to postpurchase communication as well. If and when the end customers are unhappy with a particular purchase, e-commerce companies can leverage ITinSell’s predictive AI-driven platform to provide personalised responses and alleviate consumers’ discontent and find suitable resolutions.

ITinSell’s specialisation in both shipment optimisation as well as customer communication is a major benefit for ecommerce businesses, eliminating their dependence on multiple solution providers at different stages of packaging, shipping, and delivery. Owing to such capabilities, businesses prefer ITinSell, and end consumers prefer buying products from retailers that use ITinSell’s one-stop platform.

  • ITinSell’s platform helps e-commerce companies eliminate wastage of resources, time, and space by completely streamlining their logistics workflow right from the moment an order is received from the consumer

Ushering the Future of Logistics

The company’s ability to implement an optimised and sustainable e-commerce workflow can be exemplified in a recent case study of the cosmetics brand L’Oréal, where ITinSell equipped the iconic brand with robust tracking, customer communication, and BI solutions. The client—which once depended on siloed solutions to manage the shipping of products from its 36 different subsidiary brands—was able to centralise and streamline its e-commerce operations using ITinSell’s all-in-one platform, achieving unmatched levels of cost-savings and sustainability.

ITinSell’s BI capabilities also played an essential role in enhancing the service quality of the sporting goods brand, Decathlon. After receiving complaints from consumers, the brand often found it challenging to determine the exact reason for delays. After implementing ITinSell’s platform, the brand was able to track every order through labels and find out where the parcels were getting delayed. The insights enabled Decathlon to strategically optimise the orderto- delivery workflow and achieve over 41 percent improvement in their delivery speed, not to mention the skyrocketing customer satisfaction.

The company similarly empowers many other e-commerce businesses beyond Europe to achieve incredible speed, simplicity, and sustainability, driving them towards a future of ‘green logistics.’ ITinSell will also extend its environmentally-friendly optimisation solutions for e-commerce firms in the Americas as well as the APAC regions. As the company pioneers an ecological transformation in logistics, many other stakeholders in the industry will incorporate the ‘green logistics’ and follow the path of change blazed by ITinSell.

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Julien Fiette, Founder and CEO

ITinSell empowers e-commerce organisations to embrace ‘green logistics’ by enabling them to achieve a greater level of speed, simplicity, and sustainability in their shipping and delivery operations.