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Gerald Hofer, CEO, KNAPP AGGerald Hofer, CEO
The world and its demands are changing – and with them, the working environment of humans. Problems such as the lack of resources are solved using robotics in the supply chain, which simultaneously increases quality and profitability. Man and machine do not compete with each other – they complement each other. A robot never gets tired and can carry out tasks such as building pallets, picking or sorting goods over a long period of time with consistently high quality. By comparison, a human can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. Workers and technology form a stronger team that fulfills logistics requirements in the best way possible. To that end, Knapp is a global provider of solutions for intralogistics and manufacturing, specializing in the sectors of healthcare, fashion/apparel, general retail, food retail, industry, and service. The firm provides intelligent automation solutions, including software, for the entire value creation chain – from production and distribution to the point of sale. The firm lives and breathes logistics and considers itself to be a partner to the industry. Knapp doesn’t deliver off-the-shelf solutions – instead, it works with clients to create an individual automation solution attuned to logistical requirements and growth targets.

At KNAPP, innovation is a tradition and part of the company’s DNA. The firm banks on research and development, as well as the know-how of employees. That’s why it recruits bright minds who, with visionary thinking and keeping with the KNAPP spirit, will help create the solutions of the future. The technologies, products, and solutions they comprise and the services provided by the KNAPP group are built upon various philosophies and concepts.

The critical philosophy for all our activities is making complexity simple. In a world of increasing digitalization and flexibility in processes becoming more complex, clever automation solutions are the key to success.

Small start-up or multi-national concern – countless companies from all over the world place their trust in KNAPP’s expertise. Around 2,000 intelligent automation solutions are operating worldwide, optimizing the logistical processes of our customers. The firm sees itself as a solution provider and offers complete systems from one source. It provides Pick-it-Easy robots for automated single-item picking for diverse sectors. The Pick-it-Easy Robot reliably grips articles of various sizes and weights, shapes, surface characteristics, and packaging, regardless of whether the articles are neatly arranged in the container or lie chaotically. To ensure the safety of the systems, the firm installs a safety management system on a continuous improvement process and is one of the cornerstones of the company’s success.
  • Knapp is a global provider of solutions for intralogistics and manufacturing, specializing in the sectors of healthcare, fashion/apparel, general retail, food retail, industry, and service.

The firm’s customer service focuses on maximum performance capacity and availability for the entire life cycle of the system and ongoing consultation and training. With this holistic approach, KNAPP pursues one goal: not only to offer services but to really “wow” its customers with them. Going the extra mile in service helps the firm to achieve sustainable success and investment security. Its benefits are brought together in the portfolio System Support 360°+. With this, KNAPP provides comprehensive care, including supplementary service products and services under one roof.

Since 2016, KNAPP’s service portfolio has repeatedly met the quality criteria for the SAP Recognized Expertise award. This accredited certificate proves both the varied experience in implementing SAP EWM in the supply chain management area and the in-depth training of around 100 SAP EWM specialists who meet the strict requirements.

Marching ahead, the company strives to continually evolve and improve its capabilities and core competencies to provide the right solutions. Besides, it will continue to stay updated with the emerging technologies and their capabilities to expand its portfolio and amass a more extensive clientele.

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Gerald Hofer, CEO

KNAPP — one of the global providers of intelligent automation solutions for intralogistics and manufacturing, specialising in the sectors healthcare, fashion, retail to food industry and services. For this, KNAPP offers a comprehensive range of logistic automation solutions to cover all software levels, from warehouse management to controlling individual optical sensors, thereby guaranteeing performance, productivity, and transparency along the entire supply chain. KNAPP clients, therefore, can manage every aspect of their supply chain from one single platform with unprecedented visibility in every associated process