Magline: Simplifying Material Handling with Innovation

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Greg Ecker, president, MaglineGreg Ecker, president
The 40s was a decade that changed the U.S. forever. The decade marked the end of the great depression and went on to germinate the seeds of the modern American economy, which eventually made the nation a global inf luence in economic, political, military, cultural, and technological affairs. The U.S. became a manufacturing hub during this period as the American economy was more productive than it ever had been. Consequently, logistics also advanced greatly during this era.

It was during this significant coming-of-age when an innovative company named Magline ventured into the logistics industry with its broad spectrum of leading- edge solutions and completely revolutionized the material handling space. In that respect, Magline has always been regarded as a pioneer of durable and cutting-edge material handling equipment. The firm has also given predominant consideration to diversifying its products and services so that it can cater to more businesses and markets. Today, Magline offers an extensive product portfolio consisting of a wide range of trucks, carts, and dollies—with over 4,000,000 possible configurations—that help businesses transport materials more safely and efficiently than ever.

Magliner®: Boasting a History – and a Future – of Innovation

What has steered Magline’s suite of solutions ahead of its competition is indeed its tailor-made approach, which is in striking contrast to the cookie-cutter approach that is generally seen in the sector. Magline has an extensive range of products, including their f lagship lightweight aluminum Magliner® hand trucks and GEMINI® convertible hand trucks, as well as many other items including u-boats, pallet dollies, platform trucks and stackers/ positioners. Magline allows clients to design or customize the equipment—be it a hand truck, cart, or dolly—that fits their application needs. And to make that possible at scale, Magline employs an esteemed team of engineers, designers, procurement specialists, fabricators, assembly technicians, and logistics and quality excellence personnel, helping clients perfect the solution according to the requirement. This, in turn, aids businesses in eradicating the longstanding labor challenges in the logistics domain.

Subduing the Old Challenges in the New Normal

Notably, labor has always remained the most prominent challenge in the material handling space, and even today, businesses are finding it hard to employ the right people to move their goods and services. “Even with the pandemic driving unemployment rates to over 14 percent in Q2 2020, enterprises still find it difficult to hire skilled labor,” says Greg Ecker, president of Magline, Inc.

Ecker explains that the reason behind such a situation is peoples’ concern around health and safety. According to him, one way to address this longstanding labor shortage is to help the existing workforce with innovative technologies and make manual labor easier for current employees. And this is exactly what Magline is pursuing for its clients. By simplifying the transportation of goods and services with its diverse range of equipment, Magline is supporting enterprises in creating better working conditions.

An area that has particularly benefitted from Magline’s ingenious solutions is the last-mile service. While there has been a surge in emerging technologies within the four walls of distribution centers and warehouses, including robotic process automation (RPA), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other software advancements, the last mile service has lagged. “It’s often the last 100 feet in the supply chain (back door or front door)—where there is a handoff of products and services between the business and its customers—that is not thought about,” avers Ecker. There is an enormous opportunity for the enterprises to make that last-mile delivery easier for their employees, which would also result in a better customer experience – making it a win-win situation for the employees, customers, and the business. And that’s a domain where Magline has carved a niche for itself.

For instance, a dairy company recently approached Magline for equipment that could deliver larger and heavier milk crates to K-12 schools. The team at Magline added a propulsion system to the Magliner® U-BOAT product family with an expansive range of platform trucks. Remarkably, the client can now deliver a larger number of milk crates in a fewer number of trips. Paul Adler, the director of marketing at Magline, Inc., cites another example of their client-centered approach. “An existing client of ours in the beverage industry has already been using the convertible hand trucks – Magliner® GEMINI® for their intralogistics,” adds Adler. As the travel distance got longer, the client preferred to have a provision of driving the products to their respective in-store locations, and Magline’s power drive system again came to the rescue. “By integrating propulsion technology with two different types of product families, we made the work much simpler for our clients while considerably improving the efficiency and safety of the entire process,” asserts Adler.

  • Magline has always been regarded as a pioneer of durable and cutting-edge material handling equipment

Given these incredible capabilities, there is no surprise that Magline is truly a trailblazer in the material handling space. Magline also offers a state-of-the-art customer service that can engage clients through various channels regarding product information or after-order assistance. Offering a sneak peek into his company’s plans, Ecker says that Magline will continue to innovate the material handling space by leveraging leading-edge technology while driven by unmet needs. “When offering such an ample range of products and services, our core focus will always be to deliver the superior brand experience that has been associated with Magline for the past seven decades,” concludes Ecker.
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Greg Ecker, president

Magline boasts of an extensive product portfolio that consists of a wide range of trucks, carts, and dollies, with over 4,000,000 possible configurations, that help businesses transport materials more safely and efficiently