MasTrack: Changing the Dynamics of Fleet Management

Mike McCahill, Director, Sales, MasTrackMike McCahill, Director, Sales
Fleet management helps an organization to get the most out of the vehicles, monitor individual driving habits of their staff and collect critical information about the vehicle status. However, it is a herculean task for fleet managers to implement a productive strategy to reach a specific cost reduction percentage goal and reduce fuel costs. Furthermore, fleet managers have to deal with poor vehicle maintenance that has increased accident rates along with unscrupulous drivers at the helm of the steering wheel. With the evolution of technology, vehicle GPS tracking systems and fuel cards have helped both drivers and fleet managers to improve route and operational efficiency. MasTrack, offers an intuitive platform that enables fleet managers to track their vehicles, their performance and also monitor driver behavior all in real time.

Alongside these offerings MasTrack provides electronic logging devices (ELD) and an E-Log system certified with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These units work with any vehicle using the vehicle’s diagnostic ports. The MasTrack E-Log solution is all inclusive with an E-Log tablet synced to communicate wirelessly with the ELD unit. The solution includes ELD compliance, mileage by state (IFTA reporting), live GPS tracking and it even includes the data for the tablet so there’s no need for an additional data plan and keeps the driver’s phone free for other uses.

MasTrack provides easy-to-use devices for efficient fleet management. Their devices are simple units smaller than a deck of cards without any antennas and plugs right into a vehicle’s onboard computer or onboard diagnostics (OBD). “Fleet managers are looking for ease in their installations, less complexity, and better flexibility in their solutions,” says JP Taormina, CIO of MasTrack.

“The plug and play GPS tracking devices that we offer are the highest sellers because they are easy to use, reliable, and affordable for even small businesses.”

The reliable plug and play devices that Mastrack provides easily connect to the vehicle’s OBD port and acquire diagnostic information that is sent back to MasTrack with the help of cellular networks. Functioning on the top wireless networks— AT&T and Verizon Wireless gives more coverage than other products in the market. The fleet manager can use any device that has access to the internet, to monitor the vehicles and receive live updates with an unlimited number of reports. Using GPS tracking, MasTrack is able to obtain the location of the vehicle and issue customized alerts for anything related to safety, security, and vehicle efficiency.

The plug and play GPS tracking devices that we offer are the highest sellers because they are easy to use, reliable, and affordable for even small businesses

MastTrack’s customers consist of government agencies, municipalities and small and large businesses. The driver and the fleet manager receive automated email notifications whenever the vehicle needs maintenance which saves the vehicle from wear and tear. All the information that MasTrack provides is in an easy to use format. It notifies fleet managers when drivers are idling and keeping their vehicles running which ultimately saves fuel.

Taormina recounts how a reputed Limousine company was struggling to deal with excessive fuel costs. MasTrack’s GPS tracking devices helped the client company detect unauthorized use and achieve significant cost savings and also get the insights to make a favorable decision about their business.

MasTrack is excited to roll out more enhancements that will update the mapping and reporting capabilities of the products. The entire product line will be equipped with the latest LTE technology that will augment the features of the devices even further. “Our products change the whole dynamics of owning fleet vehicles, getting maintenance and the required service for the customers,” adds Taormina.

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Mike McCahill, Director, Sales

Founded in 1999, MasTrack is a GPS tracking manufacturer that provides the most reliable and affordable GPS Tracking products and services to individuals and families as well as to municipalities, government agencies, and small and large businesses alike. Their product meets the unique needs of museums, auction houses, art collectors, and security personnel tasked with the transport of high valued cargo. The company provides easy to use GPS solutions for all walks of life. With an easy to use platform, customers can track their vehicles and monitor driver behavior in real-time