3 Emerging Logistics Trends in 2021

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, April 05, 2021

To be successful, logistics and transportation businesses will need to embrace technology and automation while focusing on customer demand.

FREMONT, CA: In the past few months, the global pandemic has impacted almost all aspects of the economy. One industry that has seen noticeable changes over the past few months is logistics. As consumers turned to online shopping, it has created immense pressure on the logistics industry to increase demand.  As a result, logistics firms are stepping up with advanced strategies to respond to these shifting logistics trends in 2021. From automated warehousing technology to last-mile delivery solutions, here are trends in the logistics industry in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

Automation within the logistics industry has been a trend for several years but expect to see a lot more of it being used in 2021.  An increasing number of firms use automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize their supply chains.  In a recent study, 37 percent of organizations had deployed AI by the end of 2019, and 2020 is a year of improvements in their supply chain and productivity.  AI can help make supply chains efficient and reliable with inventory management and supplier selection.

Shipment of Refrigerated Goods

Carriers are getting ready to meet the demand for refrigerated products. Like the demand for non-local food products, a change in consumer buying has meant shippers require to ship more goods that need refrigeration.  Research shows that refrigerated shipping containers will experience growth in the next couple of years.  The global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will also require logistics planning like never before due to the temperature needs. Shipping firms will need to widen their fleets of trucks and shipping containers and climate-controlled warehouses.

Green Logistics

An upcoming trend in logistics is the advent of green logistics. While becoming more green adds value to the environment, it is also cost-effective and can boost customer loyalty.  Those businesses that are focused on sustainability will grow 5.6 times faster than those that don’t.  Becoming conscious about fuel usage, consolidating shipments, and packaging means that logistics firms can become eco-friendly and reduce costs.  More logistics companies will consider sustainability when making decisions.

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