3 New Technologies that is Revamping the eCommerce Industry

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, October 09, 2020

Companies are implementing new technology daily to speed up delivery since the customer’s expectations for fast delivery and excellent services are ever-growing.

Fremont, CA: Currently, eCommerce is responsible for only 13.7 percent of global retail sales, but it already gains $3.45 trillion in revenue. By the year 2040, eCommerce is expected to make 95 percent of all retail purchases. Therefore with the kind of growth showcased, the eCommerce fulfillment industry is racing to keep up with it. Third-party companies are frequently implementing new technology to streamline their processes to better their rate and efficiency of fulfillment. This race against time has given us revolutionary new advances in order fulfillment. It gives the eCommerce sellers, those who are outsourcing their warehousing and fulfillment access to innovative technology and edgy innovation. Improved barcode scanners to drone deliveries have brought the world into a new era of fast delivery.

Here are the top three innovations that are revolutionizing the world of order fulfillment.

Software for Everything

Top 10 3PL Technology Solution Companies - 2019Although collecting information on packages and inventory levels is essential, the ultimate goal is to manage that information efficiently and then analyze and use it to one’s advantage. With Software-as-a-Service replacing on-premise solutions, restrictions are posed on access and are limited to the information it can gather. To efficiently manage the order and the relationship with the customer, gathering, and tracking information from the moment the consumer decides on a purchase order Management Systems are introduced from the beginning. And then, the Warehouse Management Systems arrange all processes related to warehousing and distribution to the point where the customer receives their package.

Drone deliveries

It is too early for drone deliveries to take a commonplace in eCommerce, companies are focusing on innovators and industry disrupters to see where new technology will lead us. Particularly in dense metropolitan areas, the introduction of drone deliveries is becoming a popular and viable idea.

Robot Pickers Improve Efficiency

Large warehouses and 3rd party fulfillment centers are increasingly using Robot pickers are being increasingly used by large warehouses and third party fulfillment centers to assist their employees in getting stock off the shelves and ready for faster delivery. These AI robots determine the fastest and most effective routes through the warehouse, calculating the number of stops, turns, and doubling back it will take to pick the most items in the shortest time possible. 

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