3 Ways How 5G can Aid Fleet Management

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fleet managers today are preparing to embrace the changes that come with 5G connectivity.

FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is buzzing with several new technologies. As the roll-out of 5G nears, logistics companies are preparing for its associated advantages. Logistics, an industry with several fleets, is a sector that could potentially benefit from the introduction of the next-generation connectivity. When added to the existing network, 5G will have the ability to transform entire fleet management. Here are three ways how 5G can help in fleet management.

• Responding to Obstacles in Real-Time

Real-time response is the major benefit 5G has to offer for fleet management, particularly in vehicle safety and collision avoidance. With the roll-out of 5G, fleet drivers will increasingly use sensors and collision avoidance technology to stay in lanes. Sensors in vehicles at speed require very low latency, and 5G can deliver that feature. With the reduced latency of 5G connectivity, a self-driving fleet can identify obstacles and respond to it in real-time efficiently.

• Better V2V Interactions

There are some applications of V2V communications that 5G can deliver in fleet management. It includes intersection movement assistance, left-hand turn support, emergency electronic brake lights, and many others. Enhanced V2V communications can better forward-collision warnings too. 5G-enabled V2V safety solutions to have the ability to reduce the severity of fleet crashes. 5G, with its device density, has the ability to advance V2V features.

• Enhanced Fleet Visibility

Increased fleet visibility yields better safety and reliability. Fleet divers can stay in contact during emergencies and get real-time alerts on adverse road conditions, allowing them to reroute their trips if needed. This is done with the increased efficiency of 5G-enabled transportation. Enhanced communications can allow fleets to work seamlessly with each other too.

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