3 Ways to Optimize Intelligent packaging

3 Ways to Optimize Intelligent packaging

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 22, 2019

Companies face challenges of a lack of resources to analyze or utilize the data to reap its benefits and optimize the supply chain. Here is how it can be turned around.

Fremont, CA: In today’s e-commerce market, customers expect retailers to deliver products to the highest quality standards. Retailers use advanced technologies such as bar codes, radio-frequency identification (RFID), GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to monitor reusable packaging. These technologies not only changes the simple process of packing but also act as a tool that can provide measurable and actionable data, which helps in tacking the package’s origin and destination. However, companies face challenges of a lack of resources to analyze or utilize the data to reap its benefits and optimize the supply chain. Thus, here are a few tips that optimize the supply chain with greater efficiency and transparency. 

Tracking the Product

Retailers are leveraging technology to collect data and insights that unveil essential details about their supply chain in real-time. However, reliable packing that supports technology is vital. Reusable packaging manufacturers are finding ways to stick tags to pallets, totes, and bulk bins reliably for improved asset tracking. RFID, barcodes, and BLE track the packaging indoors while GPS allows tracking on a bigger scale such as visibility into shipments in transits. The retailer must know the location of the packaging to manage it effectively.     

Testing Stage

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Integrating any technology into a reusable packaging program can pose a challenge. Organizations must identify the most appropriate technology, the requirement of the infrastructure, software and training, and the return on investment. Testing different technologies is the best way to start as it provides insights and key takeaways for future projects. Positive results that work for the operation can be implemented on a larger scale.

 Leverage Real-time data

Data is imperative for intelligent packaging. Tracking packages throughout its lifetime create comprehensive data that can be used in real-time and future decision-making to optimize the supply chain. Gathering such data can lead to insights such as the excessive need for packaging to run the operation, idle goods in one location, and more. The data provides visibility into the supply chain's internal working mechanism allowing retailers to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and ensure accountability.

Intelligent packaging technology can transform the supply chain by providing visibility into the operations and help make faster and informed decisions. 

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