3PL Warehouse Management System and its Importance

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, February 15, 2021

With a real-time location monitoring of the goods delivered, firms can provide their customers with an accurate distribution report.

FREMONT, CA: The success of eCommerce operations depends primarily on how quickly the customers receive the shipment. And the real secret that keeps one going with the handling, storage, and delivery of products is efficient warehouse management.

3PL software management supports the wholesale, retail, or manufacturing sector as follows.

Real-Time Visibility into Stocks

With 3PL warehouse management software integrated with ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, one can get real-time data on everything related to stock. Simultaneously, the device easily links users to the shipper, providing unified visibility of development, inventory, and documents. When coupled with the 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS), an inventory management system can be easily accessed through the web portal, enabling enterprises to control inventory, orders, and tasks. The additional features of this pair are:

• No extra work is required to produce a custom report.


• Stable login to the client.

• Availability of data at any time and everywhere.

• Advance delivery alerts help to satisfy the request for pick-up and packing.

If one wants to have these advantages, they can have personalized solutions and add ERP functionality. This aspect can be quickly done if they can successfully implement ERP.

Inventory Tracking

Customer engagement is the cornerstone of any company. 3PL WMS is dedicated to this purpose. With a real-time location monitoring of the goods delivered, firms can provide their customers with an accurate distribution report. Streamlining tracking functionality via Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), batch, parts, or serial number is the most reliable way to obtain real-time data on products in transit. Besides, WMS also ensures that organizations get inventory operation information inside or outside the warehouse. Additionally, it is also possible to manage a full audit.

3PL Billing

Billing is an integral aspect of the whole transaction. It is difficult and time-consuming for shippers and is prone to error. However, facilities can easily avoid this with the 3PL WMS that generates accurate billing against several transactions.

Scalability of 3PL Applications

3PL WMS operates on a pay-as-you-go platform. It is easy for small businesses to adapt to their sales volumes and criteria while still maintaining customer loyalty. Concurrently, as seasonal peaks increase, the use of this specialized third-party logistics service makes it efficient to handle goods and shipments.

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