4 Key Features of a Custom TMS System

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Custom transport management software has several benefits for out-of-the-box solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Transportation management systems (TMS) automate route optimization, locate the fleet in real-time, and mitigate operating costs. The best option is to develop custom transportation management software tailored to the business requirements. The development of a transport management system project shouldn't cost a fortune. For essential functionality, firms can integrate existing tools into the project through API. Thus, firms can reduce the cost of building the transportation management system software. Here are the benefits of developing a custom-build freight tracking platform.

Simple UI/UX

While products available on the market provide different features, most of them have drawbacks. Poor design, lengthy onboarding, and advanced dashboards are some of the disadvantages of such solutions. At the same time, firms can develop a simple and understandable panel with crucial benchmarks.

Ultimate Customization

Several TMS providers provide standard functionality and charge extra fees for customization. Thus, firms should pay for electronic invoicing, automated duty status updates, and many more. But when firms develop their system, they receive the ultimate control over the project's functionality, thus, generating a TMS that meets the workload demands.

Smooth Integration

Not all TMS vendors provide integration with the current working environment, like WMS, ERP, or invoicing software. However, even platforms with such integration do not promise to work correctly with the software and lose valuable data. The development of a custom TMP makes sure that a risk-free integration with the current software.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Location tracking software remediates many problems at once. Firms can check the truck's location to ensure whether the driver will be on time at the point of destination. In the instance of breakdowns, firms can see the location and navigate the nearest service centre's driver. Besides this, firms can send another vehicle to this location to take the freight and offer it with the least downtime. Online vehicle tracking can also record the drivers' hours of service. So, firms can get compliance with FMCSA.

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