Acquisition Of Boxton's Freight Automation Platform To Help Fox Logistics Elevate Its Freight Services Worldwide

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 26, 2022

The acquisition of Boxton, a freight automation platform by Fox Logistics, will expand the company's customer base by 500 percent, allowing it to provide superior AI-powered freight services to hundreds of customers throughout the world.

Fremont, CA: "We're excited about the relationships Boxton has with ocean and air freight carriers, and we're going to continue to expand those relationships. This is the future of freight." comments Matt Lawrence, CEO of Fox Logistics. Fox Logistics has announced the acquisition of freight automation platform Boxton, an asset-based third-party logistics provider (3PL) that delivers freight services to small, midsize, and large enterprises. Fox Logistics is expanding its global air and ocean freight services with the acquisition of the platform. As a result of the acquisition, Fox Logistics will increase its freight options for small and medium-sized businesses.

Customers can engage directly with carriers to receive rapid access to industry-leading freight prices since Boxton automates the freight quoting process. Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves the comprehensive API connectivity to provide clients with total visibility into the shipping process, as well as quick quotes and competitive pricing.

“Boxton’s freight automation platform increases associate capacity by fivefold and elevates our customers user experience by meeting them where they already work, whether thats Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email. The result is faster, smarter, reliable shipping thats better for our planet,” adds Matt Lawrence, CEO of Fox Logistics.

Boston's customers will enjoy affordable freight rates in all forms of transportation thanks to Fox Logistics' direct ties with carriers. Fox Logistics' dedication to cultivating excellent connections with the industry's top carriers will help safeguard Boxtons customers from price volatility and capacity shortages in challenging markets.

"We started Boxton to help the most innovative companies in the world better manage complex shipments so that they can focus on growth," states Warren Kucker, Founder of Boxton."Fox Logistics ingenuity, focus on customer service, and deep supplier relationships will continue to steward supply chains to the next level."

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