Aludyne Montague Places Order with FlexQube Worth $346 000

Aludyne Montague Places Order with FlexQube Worth $346 000

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, January 29, 2021

FlexQube secures orders worth $346 000 with the ability for more than $700 000 total.

FREMONT, CA: Aludyne Montague, located in Michigan, USA, has placed an order with FlexQube worth $346 000 for the first phase of a logistic project.  The second phase of the project is planned for the latter part of 2021, and the total potential order value is a bit more than $700 000. The order comprises of FlexQube carts and Liftrunner C-frames. This recent order will be delivered in Q2 of 2021.

This is the first major order the company has received for a combination of Liftrunner C-frames and FlexQube carts since it became the dealer for Liftrunner in North America. The Liftrunner C-frame is an efficient idea for cart-based material managing in demanding environments. This order will encourage the company to seek more potential sales opportunities with this product combination. The Liftrunner C-frame has a growth ability for logistic applications where loads are high, transports require to happen outdoors or in specific segments like airport- or hospital logistics.

Aludyne is the leading aluminum knuckle manufacturer, and the firm is proud to point out that it once again win a deal of this kind ahead of its US competitors. The order is for the first phase of the project, and the company expects the second phase later this year to show the same order value.

FlexQube provides a unique and patented concept used to develop and offer robust, modular, and flexible material handling carts that can run autonomously. The firm has manufacturing in Sweden and the USA and distribution in North America and Europe. FlexQube has some of the globe’s largest manufacturers within the energy, automotive, defense-, aerospace-, home appliances-, and construction machinery among their customers.

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