Applications of AI and Automation in Logistics

Applications of AI and Automation in Logistics

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, April 09, 2021

Applications of AI and Automation in LogisticsThe transport and logistics industry can benefit from AI and automation technologies.

FREMONT, CA: The transport and logistics industry was affected hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with much of the globe going into lockdown to assist combat the virus. However, AI and automation have proven to transform transport and logistics, enabling the sector to innovate and aiding the recovery process. Whether businesses are dependent on efficient supply chains for seamless operations – like retailers – deploying AI innovation is needed to be competitive.

One kind of AI deployment used within the sector is a method to efficiently read masses of several data types, known as Cognitive Machine Reading.  Travel and operational limitations have caused up to 75 percent of firms to experience significant changes to their supply chain operations. However, for those firms that have taken action to digitalize, automation has played a vital role in helping and maintaining business as usual for operations such as logistics planning and customer billing.

Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR)-powered automation tools mitigate the arduous and time-consuming manual activities conventionally connected with logistics planning. CMR does this by analyzing, extracting, and processing structured and unstructured data formats to rapidly generate highly accurate reports for forecasting and follow-through processes. CMR is also changing how companies process their billing mechanisms, another task that is usually manually intensive.

The second kind of technology transforming the transport and logistics sector combines AI with the Internet of Things (IoT). The fast inroads made by evolving and new technologies have left transport and logistics firms with many catching up to do. Focus in this area has also been emerging along with the core technology itself – shifting towards uses of AIoT – away from initial device capabilities. While IoT offered access to a large base of information, AI has allowed the creation of intelligent and energy-efficient freight systems, allowing excelling in energy sustainability while pursuing the goal for greater supply chain orchestration.

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