Apptricity is Spreading its Wings into New Markets Internationally

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, July 20, 2020

New Customers, coupled with the current customer market expansion, have fueled the global network of Apptricity.

FREMONT, CA: Apptricity is a global leader in tracking and monitoring systems for inventory and assets, announced today that its global network had grown quickly in the second quarter.

"We expect our business to more than double this year," says Tim Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity. "Our global tracking hardware and software solutions are providing key insights that are helping our customers grow sales, reduce costs, and make more money."

Jason Nance, Chief Revenue Officer, added, "New customers signed this quarter are growing rapidly here in the US, and we are building out our presence. We expanded into new markets during the second quarter with deployments in Mexico and then into Singapore, Greece, Hong Kong, Brazil, Jordan, and Luxembourg." Nance continued, "Our broad customer base in multiple business categories are helping us grow, even during these difficult times. Improving business intelligence for our customers means they are making better decisions with their supply chains, distribution methods, and asset utilization."

Garcia states, "With some exciting new technology capabilities that we will be bringing to the market during the third quarter, we expect this growth to continue, both domestically and internationally for the foreseeable future."

Apptricity is a global leader real-time asset tracking and management. The company provides continuous tracking and monitoring of the assets, inventory, and personnel with the most secure, accurate, and proven technology in the world.

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