Arrive Logistics Unveils Carrier-Centric Initiatives

Arrive Logistics Unveils Carrier-Centric Initiatives

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Arrive Logistics announced two new initiatives to exceed carrier requirements, a partnership with TriumphPay and Carrier EDGE, an online freight portal.

FREMONT, CA: Arrive Logistics, one of the rapidly growing freight brokerages in the United States, recently announced two new initiatives to exceed carrier requirement, a partnership with TriumphPay and Carrier EDGE, an online freight portal. These initiatives improve the carrier experience by giving them more options and control over everything from how they are paid to book a load.

"Enhancing the ease of business is an investment into our relationship with carriers. Every fleet operates uniquely and needs access to custom solutions," said Justin Frees, the chief capacity officer at Arrive. "We know our carrier partners' work is challenging, and we pride ourselves on being uniquely positioned to make that job easier any way we can."

Enhancing the Carrier Payment Experience 

Arrive has collaborated with TriumphPay to offer carriers streamlined payment processing. Arrive will use TriumphPay's payment processing platform to further automate and enhance efficiencies in its brokerage network, providing carriers with a best-in-class payment experience. Carriers working with Arrive will gain access to QuickPay and better visibility into their payments due to their partnership with TriumphPay.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Arrive, one of our largest brokerage partners," said Jordan Graft, chief executive officer at TriumphPay. "They are committed to improving the carrier and broker experience, and payment is a huge part of the equation."

Carrier EDGE: A New Online Portal to Book Freight 

Arrive introduced Carrier EDGE, an online portal built with patented technology that allows carriers to access freight all the time. Carrier EDGE provides full visibility based on previous loads, allowing carriers to manage shipments in transit or with exceptional offers. Carriers have full access to available freight through the portal, can book loads instantly, and have the choice to use the Make an Offer feature to submit an alternative, preferred rate entirely online. Carrier EDGE allows carriers to choose whether they want to talk to their rep directly or have fewer phone calls.

"Carriers need consistent freight and technology thats straightforward and easy to use," said Michael Senftleber, chief technology officer at Arrive. "Carriers are busy and have different, preferred ways of interacting. Our technology prioritizes the carrier experience so they can do business their way."

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