AutoScheduler.AI Introduces New Approach with Its WMS Accelerator

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, August 21, 2020

AutoScheduler.AI is an innovative, emerging WMS accelerator and announces a solution to orchestrate facilities and make the warehouse sexy again.

FREMONT, CA: AutoScheduler is a WMS accelerator that integrates seamlessly with warehouse management systems to orchestrate activities across a warehouse or campus. It adds value by improving OTIF, managing inventory, and creating dynamic schedules that change as conditions shift.

According to Gartner's May 2020 Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems*, Although the WMS market is mature, they foresee the requirement for continued innovation in areas like the user experience, adaptability, materials handling automation integration, decision support, and work planning and optimization.

The new launch of AutoScheduler boasts a better suite of algorithms and simple cloud deployment capability. The company addresses a significant market need, initiated by the COVID-19 crisis, where labor constraints have become more pronounced, and minimizing inventory touches is vital, says the Chief Product Officer Keith Moore. He further gave an example, AutoScheduler proactively makes lower touch opportunities like cross-docking that brings materials through one door and ships them out through the adjacent door, to help streamline the operations.

Further, he goes on to say, after being given the green light by their flagship customer, Procter & Gamble (P&G), who has been utilizing the product for more than a decade, they are excited to bring this solution to the supply chain industry.

WMS Accelerators such as AutoScheduler easily integrates with the systems like Blue Yonder WMS, offering dynamic dock scheduling, scheduled case picking, automatic transfer shipments, labor management, and more.

The campus is an orchestra, and AutoScheduler is the conductor. AutoScheduler augments existing WMS capabilities with Intelligent Warehouse Orchestration. By effortlessly integrating with the existing WMS and ERP systems, AutoScheduler's powerful yet intuitive platform aids to streamline operations throughout the facility by offering dynamic dock scheduling, reducing shortages, facilitating cross-docking, automating transfer shipments, eliminating redundant workforce allocation, and more.

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