CALIBRE Selected to Facilitate Role Player Training at Fort Irwin's National Training Center (NTC)

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Thomas M. Peitler, Executive Vice President & COO

There is a rising demand for efficient training solutions in private organizations as well as government agencies.

FREMONT, CA: The incorporation of data has enabled the logistics sector to reach new capabilities. CALIBRE Systems has blazed the trail in facilitating employee-owned management consulting and digital transformation for the government sector as well as different industries. CALIBRE, along with subcontractor Lexicon, recently won the NTC’s Fort Irwin Role Players contract.

The Role Players order will bolster the CALIBRE’s presence at the NTC, providing enhanced growth opportunities that will enable the company to expand its footprint at Fort Irwin. It will also augment its chances of delivering Training Support Services to other agencies of the Department of Defense and Federal Law Enforcement. The company’s commitment to the Training Support System Enterprise (TSS-E) community is bolstered by two decades of efficient collaboration, which includes the three Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts and more than 200 task orders. TSS-E Order provides hundreds of personnel for important training events as required by the Department of Army. The training events leverage different levels of role players to act in various scenarios, offering realistic live training opportunities for soldiers and leaders to augment their war skills.

“It is an honor for CALIBRE to be selected as the training and readiness provider of choice for the NTC. We are dedicated to supporting the warfighter so that the U.S. Army may remain ready as the world’s premier combat force,” said Richard Pineda, the President and CEO of CALIBRE.

The company possesses several years of expertise in providing robust solutions for management, technology, and program challenges in areas including enterprise information management, facility and land management, cost management, finance, logistics, education, and training.

Thomas M. Peitler, Executive Vice President and COO, CALIBRE, explained, “We cobble data together from hundreds of data sources drawing a better picture for our clients to understand the information faster.” Even if the enterprises are running on a different product, CALIBRE offers further enhancements to the current solutions, eliminating the need for reinvestment. “We can tailor our services to the mission and needs of our clients, instead of a single out-of-the-box solution,” he added.

CALIBRE is looking at a horizon filled with new opportunities in innovative management consulting and digital transformation solutions. It aims to offer better insights to clients to enhance their business operations. The company has made eight acquisitions over fifteen years, all to augment its capabilities, and was named one of the “Top 10 Logistics Analytics Solution Providers - 2019” by Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine. 

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