Centerboard Now Offering Industry First API Solutions

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 10, 2022

Shippers and technology suppliers will benefit from Centerboard's new API solutions, which will allow for seamless technological integration, providing a revolutionary approach to supply chain access.

Fremont, CA: Companies that employ strategic SCM are able to operate at peak efficiency in terms of providing and distributing their products and resources. Supply chains that are efficient enable a business to be more competitive in the marketplace. Centerboard, a neutral, shipper-centric transportation management company, now offers Centerboard Microservices, API solutions that allow shippers and technology providers to integrate their systems seamlessly. The cloud-based, a-la-carte products present a ground-breaking approach to supply chain access, giving users a fully personalized experience. Centerboard's API allows software providers to embed supply chain access into their clients' existing systems, regardless of the transportation management system (TMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, reflecting the company's objective of giving shippers complete control over their supply chain.

Centerboard has seen significant growth since rebranding in September, with a growing list of customers in the chemical distribution and food and beverage industries, including Dien, a leader in North American specialty chemical and ingredient distribution; JSI Store Fixtures, a branded display supplier to major supermarkets, convenience and specialty store chains; and S.L. Fusco, Inc., a Los Angeles-based industrial supply distributor. A number of new features have also been added to Centerboard, including advanced shipment notifications and improved carrier tracking messages. Centerboard continues to invest in its workforce and expects to build a new state-of-the-art office space, in addition to platform developments.

“We’ve spent years working closely with shippers and leading technology providers, not only listening to their needs but building an IT roadmap that directly addresses those needs. The biggest pain point we've seen is the lack of neutrality and flexibility regarding technology solutions,” comments Lindsey Shellman, Chief Commercial Officer at Centerboard. “The APIs through Centerboard Microservices is a solution that no one else in the industry is offering. We are thrilled to address the complexity of supply chain and let users access shipping functionality from within their existing applications. For the first time, users will have affordable access to technology that provides true visibility and control of their supply chain operations, while eliminating the need to juggle multiple tech stacks.”

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