Decarbonization of International Shipping to Mitigate Climate Crisis

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, October 25, 2021

150 industry experts and organizations demanded immediate government action to enable full decarbonization of international shipping by 2050.

FREMONT, CA: One hundred fifty signatories of Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization requested world leaders to align International shipment with the Paris agreement temperature goals. The private sector has already taken the necessary steps to decarbonize supply chains. The industry experts are demanding local governments formulate policies that will accelerate the transition and make zero-emission shipping an industry-standard by 2030.

These experts and organizations represent the global Maritime value chain, including shipping, energy, cargo, finance, infrastructure, and ports. Ahead of the critical climate negotiation at cop 26 in Glasgow this November, the experts are calling the governments to work with industry leaders and develop policies and investments needed to reduce global emission levels and decarbonize supply chains and global economies.

Shipments account for 80% of the global trade and 3% of global greenhouse emissions. The UN's International Maritime Organization aims at reducing the total annual greenhouse gas emission of international shipment by at least 50% of 2008 levels by 2030. The strategy, which was adopted in 2018, is said to be revised in 2023. Several private sector companies are raising their ambitions regarding emissions and aligning their corporate missions with the 2030 sustainable development goals. Players in the shipping industry are closely working together to foster transition to net-zero emissions but require support from public policies. Several other private sector companies are heavily investing in RD&D and pilot projects, ordering and building transport vessels that are operated carbon neutrally, purchasing zero-emission shipping services, investing in net zero-emission fuels and ports, and bunkering infrastructure, and assessing the climate agreement. Considering the contribution of the logistic sector in global economies, decarbonization appears to be a promising step towards mitigating the climate crisis.

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