DevOps: The optimal culture of IT industry

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 23, 2019

An IT company considers technological roles as their assets of intelligence with skills which are required to make optimal utilization of their resources. DevOps (development and operations) culture is a software development phrase which means a collaborative approach to the tasks performed by a company's application development and IT operations teams. The objective of DevOps culture is to improve the relationship between the two business units to work towards a common goal of improving product quality which will eventually generate improved revenue.

Tips to develop DevOps culture:

Trust: Both Teams should be able to have an open and respectful debate as everyone will be working toward a common goal. Communication and file sharing tools should be used as all the production statistics and metrics will be visible to everyone, which will help in better decision making.

Poly-skilled workers: Team leaders need to empower workers to share ideas. DevOps allows workers across development and operations to showcase different skill sets as they work towards a common goal.

Encourage Problem Solving Engineers: The engineer who is closest to the problem will be able to validate that the solution. So, engineers should be provided with resources like proper training and time to try and solve the issue. Creating forums to share successes of the employee’s achievements will motivate everyone in both teams to showcase their talent. Organizations should track the achievements of the team members and award their efforts.

Incentives: The right incentives help in encouraging and developing an energetic DevOps culture. Organizations should reward teams based on statistics like customer problems, security, availability, functionality. This will motivate engineers to work together to achieve the targets by exceeding their own performance limits from time to time.

Faster deployment: According to a survey conducted by Puppet Labs, Companies which embraced DevOps culture deploys code thirty percent faster and has less than fifty percent of failures when compared to others.

Innovation: Automated deployments make the process more predictable and easier. At the same time, automation led to give more time and space to the employees for innovation.

Time-saving: The time taken in fixing errors is less in DevOps as the probability of errors is much less when compared to other companies. Improved communication and shorter development cycles also help to reduce the cost of resources.

Market Advantage: DevOps helps to find innovative solutions to most of the issues and provides flexibility to turn an idea into working software in a short time, and in turn, this helps you to gain a competitive advantage in the market. DevOps culture reverberates across the whole organization creating positivity that greatly increases productivity and efficiency and revenue. 

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