DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and Hawaiian Express Service Announce Collaboration

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, November 30, 2020

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and Hawaiian Express Service is joining hands to offer better service to the Hawaii, Alaska and, Guam localities.

FREMONT, CA: In recent times, it was announced that two shipping families have collaborated. The DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, the prominent ocean freight organization serving Hawaii and Guam, and Hawaiian Express Service (HES), one of the oldest and most respected ocean freight forwarders operating in Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam, have declared that they are collaborating. Combining both companies' efforts will help them better serve Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam localities.

"Because of the similarity in cultures, we believed DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express was a great fit for our existing customers and our employees," said Jeff Graham, the president of HES.

According to Joy Schaul, the co-owner of HES, "From HES's standpoint, It's a win/win. Our customers will see service levels as good as ours, and our people, partners and employees will be treated with both dignity and respect as they transition to the team at DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express."

Ron Massman, CEO of the Dependable Supply Chain Services organization, stated that "This is a pathway for DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express to grow our forwarding business group. The HES management people are extremely qualified and focused; they're experienced pros who will help us to expand our services into Alaska and the refrigerated business segments. Additionally, HES customers will add to our volumes and efficiencies to improve the use of our Island Terminals and Trucking Operations."

The Hawaiian Express is headquartered in Hayward, California, and has its freight terminals in Hayward, Seattle, Washington, La Mirada, California, and Sparks, Nevada. Moreover, the standard ocean freight services to Hawaii and Guam, consisting of LCL and FCL and Eastbound service, HES offers its service to Alaska and helps the chill and frozen markets of Hawaii and Alaska. The Hawaiian Express has been in business for 85 years, and the Schaul/Graham families are involved for the past 50 years.

DHX was Established in 1980, and today it is the leading ocean freight company. It serves Hawaii and Guam, providing ocean freight (both LCL and FCL), airfreight, and eastbound service from Hawaii and Guam to the continental U.S. The organization is the freight forwarding entity in the Dependable Supply Chain Services enterprise.

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