DIS Releases Service Scheduling Tool for Better Productivity and Accountability

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, March 30, 2020

The service scheduling tool assists the dealership service departments in maintaining their teams productivity and accountability while also ensuring that the work orders are addressed timely.

FREMONT, CA: A new service scheduling tool has been launched by Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp., which is a key player in lift truck, agriculture, and truck refrigeration dealership software vendor in North America. The tool is designed to assist dealership service departments in maintaining their teams’ productivity and accountability while making sure that the work orders are addressed in a timely manner.

DIS has over 2,400 locations, and the firm has served the equipment dealership industry since 1980. With its inherent ability to truly understand its customers has led the company to deliver them with the right support, solutions, and training.

The service scheduling tool is assisting the service departments with productivity and accountability by allowing service writers to easily develop, assign, and track word orders apart from keeping an eye on the tech’s activities and time clock entries. Further details, including customer or unit information, can be quickly accessed through one screen without the requirement to sift through endless menus. The ‘real-time’ aspect of service scheduling includes the ability to see how the schedule compares to actual time clock entries. Access to a list of work orders from within the business system is also helpful. Especially, the ability to drag work orders from the list onto the schedules assists in planning out work.

Service departments are also eyeing to better their stand when it comes to profitability and efficiency. That’s the reason why there is such a demand for service-oriented tools such as service scheduling. The simplicity with which the tool can be used is also a major plus which just requires the user to boot up his favorite browser, log in, and the system is set.

The most user-friendly area of service scheduling is that it is browser-based like DIS dealership management system, Quantum, which indicates that dealers can access it via any device. DIS customers that wish to include service scheduling to their Quantum software package can do so by simply reaching out to their account managers.


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