Ensure Warehouse Management for Greater ROI

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ensure Warehouse Management for Greater ROI

Once warehouse metrics have been applied and transaction data spots have been built up, the establishment of realistic productivity norms for the business becomes much easier.

FREMONT, CA: In the fast-paced environment of today, the knowledge about the whereabouts of products gives an edge to most warehouse companies. Organizations need real-time and precise inventory visibility across all sections of their supply chains to meet the requirements of a customer base that expects rapid and free delivery, perfect order accuracy, and reliable shipment status updates. Unfortunately, in spite of the resources and efforts invested to date, many enterprises are still not operating to their full potential when it comes to channel fulfillment, and they keep on to facing hindrances related to optimization and inventory visibility.

However, there are a few key warehousing metrics that enterprises can launch and track to develop order fulfillment rates, diminish transit times, and make customers happy. Advanced technologies like aerial drones, automated warehouses, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence(AI), when added to the equation, provides new echelons of inventory visibility in a logistics setting that demands it.

Building a Strong Foundation:

The groundwork of a reliable delivery operation is about the identification of the right metrics to implement and then construct the supply chain processes around them. Listed below are key features for obtaining a strong foundation for the retail sector:

• Order Fill Rates: The knowledge of the proportion of an order that has been filled on the first consignment is vital for two factors: It contributes to customer satisfaction and relates to transportation efficiency.

• On-Time Shipping: A distribution hub's primary goal is to efficiently and accurately distribute goods that enter and exit a warehouse. The correct manufactured goods must be placed with the help of the exact transportation methods at a suitable time. Observation of late shipping departures and early completion of loading times can be handled with inventory tools like robotics, automation, and drones.

• The Perfect Order: Every warehouse makes a tremendous effort to perfect orders as virtually error-free shipments lead to increased customer satisfaction and a cost reduction in customer support.

• Accurate Tracking of Trailers: It is about the observation of the proper scheduling of the dock door and bay area. The utilization of automation in the equation can bring in higher ROI. A productive method for tracking this information is through the implementation of passive radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS tracking system.

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