Entitling Logistic Enterprises with Big Data

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 07, 2019

Big DataBig Data is a collection of a large volume of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that can be used in machine learning projects and other advanced analytics. Such data is so large and complex that the traditional data management tools fail to store or process it efficiently.

What can Big Data do for logistic Companies?

Big Data is a perfect fit for logistics as there are millions of packages moving across the world daily through multiple complex networks of sellers, buyers, warehouse personnel, transporters, loaders, packers and shipping carriers. This creates a large number of data points. By using Big Data and machine learning technologies, this data can be used to improve both delivery times and cost to achieve greater visibility across the network.

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Optimal routing

Customers can get advanced tracking of their consignments and trucking companies can get real-time information of their vehicles engine performance, fuel consumption, tyre conditions, weather, traffic conditions with the latest sensors and mobiles. All this data will be processed and computer algorithms can automatically manage route selection for the driver. Logistic companies gain profits, reduce cost, deliver goods on time with this optimized information.

Smart warehousing

Logistic using warehouse robotics can benefit with increased equipment lifecycles, quick product movement, optimized inventory and better safety with Big Data analytics and tracking sensors. Using this data, the manager can make quick operational decisions which can lead to proper resource allocation and reduced costs.

Customer satisfaction

Technologies semantic analysis and text processing can divide and group these reactions and analyze customer nature to eventually create an instantaneous feedback loop.  A thorough review of customer feedback from the internet gives unbiased customer feedback, allowing customer service managers to take the necessary steps to guarantee customer satisfaction and retention.

Few Big Data Companies: (DataStax,Guavus,Innoplexus)

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