Features of a Last-Mile Delivery Management Software

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, January 03, 2022

Businesses can use last-mile delivery management software because it has abilities that are ideal for managing last-mile delivery operations.

Fremont, CA: A business's principal tool for managing last-mile delivery operations is last-mile delivery management software. Even if they have the correct tools in every other category of their last-mile delivery software stack, the wrong delivery management software might damage their operations. Businesses can benefit from last-mile delivery management software since it can help them maximize productivity and provide powerful capabilities.

Here are the best features of last-mile delivery management software:

Automated route planning and optimization

Businesses may plan thousands of orders in highly efficient delivery routes in seconds using route planning and optimization software. Advanced routing algorithms are also included in this software, which provides routes that are both optimized and adaptable for any organization. This functionality eliminates the need for delivery companies and third-party logistics (3PL) providers to manually plan their routes, as well as the additional costs associated with paying dispatchers to conduct daily route planning.

Mobile apps

Route timetables, order information, and navigation are all available in one app for drivers. Dispatching teams can also use mobile apps to track their drivers throughout delivery runs. Proof of Delivery is a vital component of the mobile driver app for last-mile delivery. Drivers can give important information for each order by collecting electronic notes, client signatures to certify receipt of the order or images as visual proof that they have completed delivery with Proof of Delivery.

Realtime order tracking and updates

Customers can track their orders in real time at the last mile using Real-time Order Tracking. When customers' orders are out for delivery, businesses may notify them via bespoke text messages and emails, along with a live tracking link, using Real-time Order Tracking. Real-time Order Tracking improves customer happiness by giving them real-time visibility into their orders and precise delivery Updates.

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