Flavorcloud And Shipbob To Jointly Create Seamless End-Customer Experiences

Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 04, 2022

ShipBob merchants can now integrate effortlessly with FlavorCloud's cross-border carrier network and algorithm to expand their international sales.

FREMONT, CA: “ShipBob is an incredibly exciting partner for FlavorCloud. We've been admiring their logistics platform and best-in-class fulfillment solution for some time," states Mike Sanchez, Chief Revenue Officer at FlavorCloud. FlavorCloud, the foremost headless international logistics software provider, has formed a new relationship with ShipBob, the world's largest omnichannel fulfillment platform with over 30 fulfillment facilities across North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. ShipBob is fully integrated with the FlavorCloud platform and cross-border services, providing customers with a frictionless and loyalty-building international shipping and returns experience regardless of the product category, shipment origin/destination, or requested service level.

“We are honored to provide ShipBob customers with the opportunity to go global, drive growth and create seamless end-customer experiences,” adds Sanchez.

The agreement enables ShipBob customers to ship orders guaranteed Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) to more than 200 countries by automatically collecting duties and taxes during the checkout process. FlavorCloud provides its customers with best-in-class shipping services, duty and tax collection, trade compliance, and automated customs filing and clearance, a first for ShipBob customers. ShipBob customers now have access to a new world of premium international package shipping services, which is frequently a requirement for many customers globally.

“By partnering with FlavorCloud, were able to automate calculations of cross-border duties and taxes at the cart level and tap into their algorithm for the best rates and DDP options for international shipping,” states Raji Bedi, CPO at ShipBob. “We’re excited to add this innovative offering to our customers for the international fulfillment process, while giving shoppers what they want  transparency at checkout, quick delivery times, and no surprises when they receive their orders.”

ShipBob customers will be able to use FlavorCloud's DDP solution for shipments originating from their facility (as part of ShipBob's Merchant Plus program) or ShipBob facilities worldwide as this new solution is rolled out. FlavorCloud's technology is fully connected with ShipBob, enabling service activation within 24 hours. FlavorCloud is platform-neutral, supporting merchants on Shopify, BigCommerce, and any other platform/custom cart via the FlavorCloud APIs.

ShipBob retailers shipping abroad with FlavorCloud may anticipate a significant reduction in lost/damaged parcels, a rise in foreign conversion rates, and enhanced brand loyalty due to the white glove shipping DDP service.

“For months, customers were begging us to ship to their country. We tried using DDU shipping from the US to Canada and realized what a pain it was from a customer experience and customer service standpoint," comments Paul Jackson, Co-Founder of Animalhouse Fitness. “We implemented ShipBobs DDP shipping solution via FlavorCloud to open up international shipping from the US before expanding into global fulfillment centers. We have seen a drastic drop in cross-border inquiries and a lift in revenue of almost 25 percent.”

FlavorCloud is redefining cross-border logistics by assisting customers in growing their worldwide sales. The Seattle-based firm tripled its income, quadrupled its customer base in the last year, and anticipates a fivefold increase in the next two years.

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