FreightPOP TMS Introduces New User Personalization Shipping Attributes

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 19, 2020

Kurt Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO

Managing shipping and distribution equipment acquisition and marketing is extremely complex and an important factor in assessing productivity.   

FREMONT, CA: Envisioning a better way for mid-sized businesses to manage logistics, FreightPOP, a leading supplier of cloud-based transportation management software, updated their previous generation of Q3 software. Conventionally, managers were able to achieve more than 20 percent reductions in freight services using the FreightPOP's older version system, and the organization received significant ROI by tariff shopping and auditing of invoices.

With a goal to maximize and expand connectivity for suppliers, retailers, e-commerce users, and 3PL's, FreightPOP's updated Q3 software enables carriers to optimize their activities and concentrate on the expanding market.

The unified account for logistics administration is simple to set up and supports throughout all transport modes including mail, LTL, FTL, global ocean & water. The software is user-friendly, cost-effective and links to existing ERP, CRM, WMS and other inventory control systems effortlessly. Furthermore, FreightPOP aims to allow distributors to ship more intelligently and more quickly.

Expanded access gives greater compatibility of APIs to manage quotes and deliveries within FreightPOP. Receive, update, and track orders in FreightPOP's software from external applications. Additionally, for maximum control of the supply chain, updated Q3 software's Purchase Order Management efficiently links shippers to their distributors and manufacturers. The revamped framework also enhances workflow management of orders and shipments and improves functionality to allow a dashboard-like setting for custom favorites.

Based on two decades of shipping and logistics experience, they have built an enterprise-level TMS system that replaces the current silo paradigm with one username for all modes of transport. This exclusive approach is highly configurable to the internal workflows of a client and provides hundreds of links to other applications and carriers.

User-friendly interface

Whether it is making comparisons rates, scanning, monitoring, and shipment analysis, or making proper data-driven judgments with easy-to-use interfaces and custom reporting, FreightPOP is doing it all. The application combines a number of critical software applications, comprising of corporate resource management tools, procurement and store services, customer interaction management, and order processing.

Consumers can then approve an order without quitting FreightPOP with a price offer accepted. It provides the ability of the related carriers to gather specific shipping papers, then to print shipping labels, BOLs, SLIs, AWBs, customs records, invoices, and packing slips. Unified monitoring services from FreightPOP then record all in-transit deliveries, collecting data directly from the networks and websites of a carrier in real-time. FreightPOP securely binds shippers to its distributors and manufacturers with maximum exposure of the supply chain through purchase order management.

Expanded connectivity

Transport and distribution administrators can optimize their freight operations and improve efficiency with these changes. In addition, enhanced access provides additional functionality for APIs to manage quotations and deliveries beyond FreightPOP.

Owing to the technological renovation, FreightPOP CEO Kurt Johnson said, “We put enterprise-level shipping tools in the hands of small to medium-size businesses at a cost they can afford. Our solutions have always been aimed at simplifying and reducing the cost of shipping, which we will continually evaluate and improve upon.”

FreightPOP stands best for its customizations, allowing consumers to align their software effortlessly into nearly every ERP, store management system, procurement system, or CRM. In 2017, Logistics Tech Outlook listed FreightPOP as Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers.

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