Here's How Ai Can Help Startups

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, July 02, 2021

It is evident that artificial intelligence has a lot of potentials, and it can serve all the industries in different manners. Many people are still not aware of the potential of this technical revolution and miss a great opportunity, but some are using it in the right manner. AI changes the way a startup works and streamlines all the complicated processes.

Here are some AI benefits for startups:

Customer support Customers have the strength to decide the growth and fall of a company, so excellent customer support is necessary to keep them happy. Generally, startups can’t afford employees for customer support. The strictly planned money is intended for the more essential areas in the initial phase. This is where AI provides support, as Chatbots can answer several customers at the same time and recognize whether a real contact person has to be engaged or not. This saves not only time, but also efforts. Earlier chatbots were nothing, but now with the help of AI, they are becoming increasingly complex and are already able to provide personalized answers for each individual customer. The more data the program receives, the better and more accurate it will be. These chatbots save a lot of time and effort made by workers to provide customer support. This is a winwin situation.

 • Marketing Marketing is a result of creative thinking, content creation, and communication with the target group. Marketing is also based on data, information, and analysis, and the fact is that gathering all these things take a lot of time. Artificial Intelligence can take on these tedious tasks and thus create time for the creative part of the job. Companies need creative marketing to stand out from the crowd. AI can also predict the best marketing strategy with the help of a user’s behavior. AI can support startups in different manners to achieve their goals on time.

Finances Most of the time, when workers calculate the income and expenses of the startup, they commit several mistakes. This is one of the main reasons why startups fail. To save the company from such financial loss, AI should be implemented because it is a more realistic option, which will also save costs and time.

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