High-Tech Video Discovery Platform Optimizing Publishing Processes, Boosting Customer Engagement

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tech-integrated video discovery platform offers seamless user interface, enabling it to become a prior facility for publishing partners.

FREMONT, CA: Primis, a video discovery platform collaborates with Sellers.JSON and supply chain initiatives. The company prioritizes internal and external decision-making and transparency. The offered system proves to be the first stop of publishing partners, as Primis does not resell any media from third parties.

Sellers.JSON allows the buyers to discover either direct and intermediaries selling of digital advertisements. A published file can be easily discovered and access the identities of all sellers of the bid request. It facilitates the material search and cached offline, excluding the need to share information with every bid request. The Supply Chain avails entities to the buyers with details of each selling and reselling impression. A transparent supply chain ensures the buyers for all the intermediaries’ approval and allows the inventory to purchase as directly as possible.

Primis designs its platform to frame seamless user experience and bring the editorial content to the forefront in a clean and slick video player. Integrated by the machine learning algorithm, the user can access the most relevant and engaging video. Primis help the companies to promote, boost, and distribute their videos while increasing the user interest. Enhancing the portfolio with customer-made videos, the platform expertly creates the right video match for a different audience and syndicate content from top providers. 

Founded in 2007, Primis provides automated online advertising. It operates globally into 39 countries to meet the growing demand for online video discovery platform. The company offers a fully customizable video unit that can integrate seamlessly and elevates audience engagement. Its smarter technology maximizes video distribution by recommending more relevant videos. The inventory creation of the company offers a pre-roll high-impact and fully monetize the video placements and adds new revenue opportunities to the clients’ digital asset. The discovery engine is applied in the customizable video unit design to fit in all websites and help publishers to find new opportunities and increase the customer engagement level.

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