How AR Revamps Supply Chain Management

How AR Revamps Supply Chain Management

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, April 26, 2021

Still, in its nascent stages, AR technology has immense potential to revolutionize and optimize the productivity of supply-chain management.

FREMONT, CA: Supply chain management comprises a broad range of activities that include planning, controlling, and executing a product’s flow from the warehouse to the manufacturing unit to the final stage of delivery to the customer. Carelessness at any one of these faces can cause the supply chain to halt. So, firms should look for better ways to streamline supply chain operations. Hence, companies are now looking to leverage AR in supply chain management. Companies have started recognizing the advantages of using AR in supply chain management. Here are the ways AR helps in supply chain management.

Warehouse Operations

With smart glasses and AR devices, workers are navigated through warehouses to perform the operations, significantly mitigating the scope for errors. Employees armed with AR devices can get information on the positioning of the needed products and real-time inventory and storage details. Planning of warehouse layouts and the arrangement to build them as storage solutions and as value-adding service stations for storing, repackaging, and maintenance is possible with AR technology.

Transport optimization

Transport processes are vital parts of the retail businesses, where enterprises have to ship their products to customers across the globe. Along with the cost incurred on this, the whole process needs intensive repair to trace and track every shipment. AR software can avoid the requirement for physical cargo lists and tracking systems. The AR will instruct workers for container loading and tracking operations. AR-powered wearables can simplify dynamic traffic support and last-mile delivery.

Customer Services

AR-powered parcel service applications allow customers to track their shipment from the warehouses to their doorstep. The applications will offer the user other details of the consignment, like size, weight, volume, and price. The applications will provide several pricing and insurance options. Customers can keep track of the products out for a delivery or replacement and get real-time insights on the refund status.

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