How are Technologies Benefitting the Inventories

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 22, 2020

Inventory is using new technologies so that they track the merchandise that gets transported from the warehouses.

FREMONT, CA: In this digital environment, the managers and warehouses systems must track the inventory from its arrival time to the time of disbursement. It includes every movement that occurs in the inventory, which can extend to track and visibility of merchandise that gets transported from the warehouse to its respective destinations. 

The companies have started to utilize new technologies like barcoding and packaging and tracking to monitor their wide range of products in the warehouse. These technologies will be a significant participant in the success of future warehouses.

Here are some of the highly advanced technologies used in the warehouses to increase their efficiency and performance levels.  Top 10 Warehouse Management Solution Companies - 2020

Barcoding and Scanning

There are numerous types of QR (quick response) coding, RFID (radio frequency identification), and barcoding that can be utilized in the warehouses. However, the scanning relies on the type of goods that are stored and processed in the warehouse. 

The scanner can read a single barcode strip, and it is also not expensive and can be secure to apply. In comparison, the two-dimensional QR codes have more information and is popular among consumers. This scanner can offer information like where the food has grown or how they were kept. 

However, technologies like RFID can be expensive but are highly secured. The warehouses can benefit from this method because it does not require line-of-sight scanning, like the QR codes and the barcodes. The problem with RFID radio signals is that it can get disrupted in the warehouse because of smartphones, forklifts, or other activities. 

Packaging and Robotics

To operate the warehouse efficiently, it is necessary to keep the packaging light, but the food and beverage must not get damaged. The packages of the goods must also be amenable, trackable, and traceable. 

The warehouses can use technologies like 3D-printing as the packers can test the latest designs by developing them with computer-aided design software (CAD) that can produce physical package prototypes. This method has already started to change the packaging methods of food and beverages. The packages have become more cost-effective and have enhanced the operations of the warehouses. 

These technologies collectively can enhance the visibility of the supply chain in the warehouse. The sensors can even monitor the products in the warehouse to make sure that they are kept in the required temperature to prevent damage. 

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