How Can Fleet Management Help in Public Safety?

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, October 16, 2020

To increase public safety, governments are moving toward fleet management solutions with in-vehicle equipment and dedicated broadband to figure out the conditions of the vehicles. 

FREMONT, CA: Of late, fleet management, along with other technologies, has caught a lot of attention from the government agencies. Fleet management solutions provide agencies with specifications, near real-time insights into the critical fleet and in-first responder activities. In recent times, a fleet management solution known as FirstNet was introduced to public safety agencies to bring higher awareness, efficiency, and security for public safety fleets and first responders.

Stronger Networking Solutions:

Public safety agencies can track individual vehicles from the early days with the help of GPS solutions. In the present time, the agencies have gone to a greater extent where they perform more tasks with fleet management by implementing robust internet deployments. Fleet management solutions can allow the departments to streamline and maintain their connectivity and can additionally empower workers to more easily tie into departmental data and applications whenever needed. Apart from that, IoT has helped in bringing transformation in the harmonization of the first responder fleets.

The IoT installs modern tools in the vehicles, as well as in the hands of law enforcement and first responders to take actions quickly and effectively. Wireless computer-aided dispatch, in-vehicle network connectivity, and body-worn connected gadgets give more information in real-time to help the medical responders, government, and firefighters by cutting down response times and saving more lives.

Vehicle Details Tracking With Fleet Management:

Several fleet management solutions offer the customers with insights into the vehicle diagnostic information for the overall fleet, which involves battery level, oil level, check engine lights and the odometer too. The solution interprets error codes into an alert that boosts the technicians to take actions. Every diagnostic is moved to a cloud platform by the vehicle that communicates the data to the technicians. Furthermore, the technicians figure out its condition instantly, along with its longevity, on the whole.

Also, the solutions benefit from successful public safety tools, such as body-worn and in-vehicle cameras. By leveraging AI, fleet management tools can also read and detect insecure driving habits of the in-vehicle cameras like surveying an accident scene.

In a nutshell, fleet management solutions are proving to be extremely beneficial when it comes to enhancing officer efficiency and security.

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