How Right Freight Audit and Payment Services Benefit Enterprises

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, July 23, 2021

Freight auditing and payment are critical components of any global shipper's operations.

FREMONT, CA: Freight audit and payment services assume responsibility for contract and routing compliance, as well as the management of all claims, regardless of location or mode of transportation. By selecting the appropriate provider for a business, entrepreneurs can take advantage of several benefits that in-house FAP and TMS software cannot provide.

Enhanced Effectiveness

Internal auditing and payment is time-consuming and exposes an organization to costly miscalculations. Similarly, TMS software continues to rely on manual processes, which slow down transactions.

Using modern technology that supports high volume and extensibility to other systems, such as transportation management software (TMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, can eliminate these inefficiencies with the proper freight audit and payment service.

Along with these robust tools that automate the process for cost savings and visibility, freight audit and payment providers offer managed services from subject matter experts who understand complex supply chain challenges and approach consulting with a white glove approach. This means organizations can spend less time worrying about transportation costs and more time growing their business.

Transparency Enhancement

A business should make decisions based on accurate, actionable data. Understanding and controlling transportation costs begins with gaining visibility into various variables ranging from fuel surcharges to taxes to volume and utilization. A freight audit and payment service that includes critical tracking and monitoring capabilities ensure administrative access, essential data for essential insights directly impacting their bottom line.

Growth That is Consistent with the Business

With a business constantly evolving, the journey with transportation spend management is also changing. With scalable technology, a strong product roadmap, expert-managed services, and forward-thinking savings opportunities, an experienced freight audit and a payment provider that offers robust solutions will grow alongside an organization. By selecting the appropriate freight audit and payment service, entrepreneurs can ensure the success of their investment by using powerful tools and consultants who can supplement their team.

Savings on Costs

Successful freight auditing and payment processes eliminate inefficiencies and errors that contribute to increased transportation expenditures. By partnering with a freight auditing expert who offers cutting-edge technology solutions, organizations will have the necessary support and data-reducing balance dues and rebills. The investment in a robust FAP solution will enable entrepreneurs to realize immediate savings of 3-5 percent and overall transportation, 10-15 percent, and spend management opportunities as their journey progresses.

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