How Technology Improves Logistics Auditing

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 09, 2021

Technology is transforming logistics auditing at a dramatic pace.

FREMONT, CA: The logistics industry is increasingly adopting technology solutions to a very large extent to improve its overall operations. Auditing the stocks in the inventory is one of the most critical and characteristic processes in a logistics facility. Inventory managers and auditors are looking for computerized methods to monitor the cash flows and other financial operations that include payments and invoice management, and many more. The logistics industry is seeing an era of the technology boom and advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things, and data analytics programs not only automate the process of auditing but also smarten it as well.

Top 10 Freight Audit and Payment Solution Companies - 2019Research that was conducted by Forbes states that more than 250 financial professionals in the corporate sector say that using technology for auditing helps in improving and bettering the process and its quality by 94 percent. With the advent of high tech methods that carry out the process of auditing, almost every logistics firm can save a lot of money, which would otherwise have to be invested in a large number of auditors, testing the audits, correcting and redoing it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help in auditing to a great extent. AI has a huge potential in learning data and analyzing it for intelligent insights. Given unstructured, raw, and complex financial data, AI processes it all effortlessly, and also in a very accurate and precise manner. Also, the potential of AI and data analytics can together ensure compliance with the regulatory framework.

Auditing is a very significant process, and the logistics firms often tend to brainstorm and lay a major focus on setting the process right. With the application of technology and the right digital approach, companies can excel in auditing logistics payments smoothly and effortlessly, along with maintaining accuracy and transparency. With technology, critical operations such as finance and auditing are no longer a stumbling block for the logistics firms.

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