How Two Enterprises Together are Fighting Malaria in Nigeria

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 08, 2019

The efforts of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will make way for innovative solutions that can alleviate the adversities of malaria wrecking the underdeveloped regions of Nigeria.

FREMONT, CA: Logistics plays a vital role in the treatment of diseases such as malaria. Although it is not apparent in developed countries, one among the crucial components obstructing efficient treatment of diseases in expanding and underdeveloped areas is the shortage of effective logistics infrastructure. It is one of the critical factors harming the accessibility to medical provides.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently announced its intention to digitize Nigeria’s provide chain and bring in speed and potency into the pursuit of malaria supplies. To accomplish this, the enterprise has collaborated with Xinova, a Seattle-based business synchronizing the concepts of specialists with their customers.

Xinova organized a swift innovation session to discuss the most efficient path toward achieving the goal of the institution. GeekWire conjointly participated in the event, contributing its distinctive concepts. The team of experts enclosed members from Xinova network and different professionals from supply chain logistics, business development, computer science, and politics.

Leveraging rising technologies like machine learning (ML) will considerably enhance the supply chain, empowering it with sturdy capabilities. It will alter medical logistics organizations to overcome the difficulties by granting them the flexibility to trace variables, as well as unreliable area mapping, accessibility of resources, and climatic conditions.

By employing AI algorithms, supply chain organizations in Nigeria will effectively track patterns within the historical datasets and draw prognosticative insights. The barrier obstructing the availability of drugs is the lack of access to highly accurate maps and poor internet connectivity.

The adoption of rising technology transforms the Nigerian provision sector to reinforce its supply chain capability, therefore raising the accessibility to the essential medical supplies. The analytics knowledge may be used to reroute shipments throughout natural calamities competently. The integration of emerging technology will promote inventory planning, fraud elimination, fraud elimination, and risk reduction.

Malaria is a prime cause of death in Nigeria and accounts for over 26 percent of child mortality. Hence, the Gates Foundation guaranteed $1 billion through 2023 to fund malaria treatment analysis and development. The efforts of the foundation will help the country in finding new approaches to mitigate the adversity of malaria.

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