How Video Telematics Can Work Magic with the Help of AI on the Edge

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Video telematics combined with AI on Edge is important to modern fleet management to understand quickly what happened during incidents that put the business, fleet, and personnel at risk.

FREMONT, CA: Telematics fuels fleet tracking software and collision-avoidance technology to lane-deviation systems and fuel-saving technologies. While all types of telematics have advantages for commercial fleets, video telematics systems can take the fleet to a new realm of safety, efficiency, and performance. Here are some unique ways that video telematics systems can work magic in fleet along with AI on the Edge.

Safety in commercial vehicles is a business-vital function because it has a near-direct effect on the business viability of fleets. Done right, fleets can have fewer accidents, decreased damages, lower maintenance, better mileage, driver retention and engagement, lower insurance rates. The RoI equation is heavily loaded in favor of massive savings. With AI on the Edge, there is the possibility that fleets can get deeper insights in a scalable, automated, and cost-efficient method. While AI-powered analysis can replace bureau services in attaining objectives of a fleet concerning KPIs, they can be looked upon as making bureau services efficient. If TSPs or fleets need to run managed coaching services, AI and ML can make the bureau's job so much easy.

Efficient training is the efficiency in terms of the amount of raw data required, the amount of annotated data, and the quality of the data annotations. With a lot of high-quality annotated data, the task of training neural networks becomes seamless. However, high-quality annotations are very expensive. Further, for several problems, high amounts of data are not readily available. To have a rapid turnaround for new features that offer new benefits, efficient training is a must. With efficient training and inference, firms can offer world-class solutions using AI on the Edge.

Combining the vital competence of AI on the Edge with the knowledge of how video telematics should be tailored to provide the highest value to the end-user, firms help their partners do more using AI – capturing more value and offering even greater value.

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