Idelic and Lytx has Announced a System Integration to Improve Driver Safety

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, September 11, 2020

Hayden Cardiff, CEO & Founder

Idelic and Lytx has announced a system integration software that can help joint clients manage their fleets' safety efficiently.

FREMONT, CA: Idelic, the developer of the Idelic Safety Suite, is the trucking industry's most wide-ranging driver management platform dedicated to enhancing fleet safety. Lytx is a prominent worldwide provider of video telematics, analytics, productivity, and safety solutions for commercial, public, and service fleets. Recently, the company has announced a system integration that can help joint clients manage their fleets' safety efficiently.

Both Lytx and Idelic can empower drivers and fleet managers with important information and a seamless, centralized, and comprehensive view of driver safety. Lytx provides a wide range of customizable fleet management solutions and services powered by the best DriveCam Event Recorder. The recorders developed proprietary machine vision, and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology can recognize and alert drivers about risky driving behaviors with almost 95% accuracy, which is unattainable in the industry.

The company also joins other third-party fleet systems presently merged into Idelic's Safety Suite to help the managers use their data for better understanding than risk their fleets. It can also proactively predict and avoid crashes. The present Idelic integrations span asset management, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), human resources, training, citations and violations, applicant tracking and recruiting, and pre-hire resources make the Idelic Safety Suite a data powerhouse.  It can be used for trucking fleets that are looking to streamline and optimize their technology deployments.

According to a press release, Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Co-CEO, Idelic said that the data which has been collected by Lytx is an integral part of the entire equation, which is necessary for understanding driver risk. By integrating driving behaviors observed both inside and outside of the vehicle through Lytx's DriveCam with the broader out-of-cab insights in Safety Suite, like job history, CSA scores, insurance information, test results, training, and many more. The company can also precisely contextualize risk with the help of AI-based analytics, which can add significant value to the joint customers.

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