Integrated Mobility: Future of Transportation Industry

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, December 07, 2018

The Human race is experiencing the biggest technology boom till date which is covering every sector and industry under its umbrella. One such industry which is briskly undergoing the change is the transportation and logistics industry. With the advancement of technology new trends of electrification, autonomy, and access-over-ownership have started to reshape the sector and is taking it to the era of integrated mobility. The concept of integrated mobility came into reality because of the new technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DLT. The emergence of integrated mobility ecosystem is bringing all modes of public, private and commercial transport together.

Dawn of integrated Mobility Era

The traditional automotive industry is now being overtaken by the new age technologies. AI and IoT have already made their way into transportation giving rise to the concept of drones and Hyperloop. Now with the introduction of Distributed ledger transaction (DLT) the industry is entering the era of 'open integrated mobility'. Movement in the era will be decentralized, multimodal, automated and aspire to be highly sustainable.

Access over ownership is the upcoming trend which is blurring the margins between public transit, logistics and personal transportation. The trend is being widely accepted by modern consumers bounding the jockey players to collaborate and accept interoperability.

Data: Future of Automotive

The concept of interoperability is only possible when the data obtained through IoT enabled devices is stored in DLT instead of traditional databases. This will allow access to data for every sector of transportation and with the help of AI, they would be able to come new trends and provide better customer-centric services. Although a few incumbents holding a large amount of such data are still rigid to not share it but gravitation of customers towards integrated mobility will certainly make them rethink.

Data being the biggest asset of the emerging future will bring some vast changes in the business models. Exchange of data will be a common and basic requirement for all businesses. IoT and AI have brought some drastic change where data of one industry is now also useful for other industries. DLT will allow the shared data concept and will remove once ownership over it and make it easily accessible to all.


The Dream of smart cities can be achieved only when the businesses will adopt integrated mobility and accept to work in the shared data environment.

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