IoT in Fleet Management: The Path toward Success

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

IoTThe Internet of Things (IoT) is not in the future; it is now. IoT in fleet management is common everywhere. It starts with sensors and devices implemented in vehicles and the data they collect. Fleet management uses IoT in various levels such as maintenance, tracking driver behavior, and analyzing fuel efficiency. The collected data will be automatically uploaded into the cloud and later can be converted as useful analytics with fleet management software.

IoT in fleet management ensures efficient, secure, smart, affordable, and eco-friendly management of vehicle management system. Examining fuel utilization, checking out driver actions, improving the vehicle conditions, expense reduction, and managing efficient routes are the main responsibilities of a fleet management system. Being a technology, IoT plays a great role in connecting the fleet managers with the fleets.

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With the help of high-quality sensors or devices embedded in the vehicles, owners can collect real-time data, which ensures efficient business processes. The sensors can recognize the pressure of the tires of the vehicle and instruct the driver to fill the air once it is decreased. The driver’s behavior tracking sensors will analyze the driving quality, speed regulations, route adherence, braking practices, acceleration and deceleration, and fuel usage, and give this information to the owner of the vehicle. IoT also helps in reducing various expenses by warning about accidents, traffic rules, and vehicle breakdowns in advance.

IoT in fleet management requires a high level of network connectivity for the devices that are installed in the system of the vehicle as well as for storing the data which os collected by the devices. These devices should be able to adapt to the condition when the network connectivity fluctuates. Therefore, ensuring proper network connectivity and high-quality sensors in the vehicle using scalable IoT solutions and technologies have a higher importance in fleet management.

The future of IoT in fleet management will definitely find more space in the market because of the technological benefits it offers. There will be more IoT solutions in the field of fleet management to ensure improved security, higher customer satisfaction, and better efficiency in services.

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