Key priorities of APAC health CIOs include digital literacy and automation.

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, March 25, 2022

At the HIMSS21 APAC Conference, health CIOs were challenged with health concerns and discussed ways to overcome them, which will be published in the HIMSS APAC CIO report in November.

FREMONT, CA: Health CIOs were confronted today at the HIMSS21 APAC Conference regarding health problems and shared solutions to resolve them which will be released in the HIMSS APAC CIO report in November. This panel included Dr. Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer of HIMSS UK; Kuroda Tomohiro, CIO and Medical Information Technology and Administration Planning Division Director at Kyoto University Hospital in Japan; and Alistair Vickers, CIO at Tu Ora Primary Health Organization in New Zealand. Strengthening cybersecurity, high digital literacy among the workforce, adoption of care delivery models that enable self-management of health and wellness, analytics at the core of organizations' work and processes, and reliance on automation are the five key trends among health organizations in Asia-Pacific that were recognized in this upcoming report.

Among these trends, the digital literacy of the workforce is prioritized by the health leaders from New Zealand and Japan. On this matter, Kuroda emphasized its relevance in Japan as most health systems are conservative and their health workers do not show their interest in digital literacy. Further, he said how those five key trends were interlinked, for instance, if the organization does not train or up skill its staff to make them use digital tools then it will increase the risk of cyber incidents. He said that they aim at implementing IoT devices into the hospital's system. On the other hand, to address major inequities in the country's healthcare system, Tu Ora is working to collaborate with other stakeholders in New Zealand's health ecosystem so that they can come together to share data to generate major insights. Vickers explained that, by prioritising automation and analytics, they have automated the processes surrounding claims and payments, resulting in faster and more accurate payments. Dr. Alessi concluded that as we move into this multimodal new digital age, the trends will ultimately be the same across care settings.


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