Key Telematics Trends to Keep an Eye On

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 08, 2021


The tracking solutions are inevitable for the fleet sector


FREMONT, CA: All the enterprises around the world emphasize a lot on their fleet operations. They cannot just depend on managers to look after affairs. Fleet management systems offer once and for all solutions to all their requirements. Due to its evolving popularity, telematics has become a multi-billion dollar sector. Modern tracking solutions are launching new features to make the management operation more seamless. The telematics sector is continuously changing. Manufacturers of monitoring solutions keep on adjusting according to the market trends. With the continuous enhancements in management solutions, vehicle monitoring would become efficient in the future. Here are some telematics trends.

5G Technology

Vehicle management is based on data sharing. Various devices transfer information to the central systems through data integration. The transfer rate relies on internet speed. The 5G technology is an excellent addition to the fleet management platform. It is 100 times quicker than 4G and has the potential of more bandwidths. 5G helps more connected networks improving the scope of vehicle monitoring.

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Autonomous Vehicles

With the technology innovation, there is lesser reliability on humans for getting work done. As the fleet management platform performs most of the operational work, enterprises invest more in them instead of hiring a managerial team. Similarly, the invention of autonomous vehicles (AV) has reduced the scope of drivers. These vehicles can self-drive with little or no human help.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Mobility-as-a-service is a mechanism that couples digital channels to offer various types of mobility services. It is an evolving trend around the world with huge demand. Many firms are already working on this model, comprising ride-hailing services, delivery services, ride-sharing services, etc. With the innovations in telematics technology, the convenience level in MaaS operations is on the rise.

Advanced Telematics

The fleet management systems are not mere vehicle tracking solutions anymore. They have become elaborate control units that assist managers in managing all operational aspects. From live GPS tracking to staff and vehicle management, one software can handle everything. Modern monitoring solutions are leveraging predictive data analytics to make smart decisions. They can manage emergencies much effectively by making correct choices.

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