Key Warehouse Management Challenges and their Remedies

Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Warehouse managers must monitor and track changes in the business environment implement responsive solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Warehouses are increasingly dynamic environments as remote events in the 2020 supply chain make their effect felt on local businesses. The best method for longevity and sustainability for the warehouse when managing the challenges is ensuring flexible and scalable processes. Common warehouse issues see erratic demand, varied labor requirements and costs, and inaccurate inventory data, all requiring robust systemic solutions to keep managers on top of alterations and aware of gaps that need attention. Warehouse managers must juggle maximizing performance while balancing trade-offs under uncertain conditions. Here are some of the warehouse management challenges and their solutions.

• Inventory Inaccuracy

Accuracy and efficiency in managing inventory in warehousing go together. Inaccurate inventory causes issues like maintaining improper stock levels and buildups of obsolete inventory. These, in turn, result in picking problems when pickers rely on inaccurate information, leading to inefficient operations. Other effects of inaccurate inventory include less productivity, increased expenses, and corresponding lost revenue. Automated systems provide real-time, accurate data about stock levels and composition. The technology deployed in managing inventory in a warehouse is vital to success, just as good as the system's quality.

• Redundant Operations

Warehouse employees have been likely to manage a product many times due to the warehousing process's nature. Once a key redundant process in warehouses is where warehouse employees pass the same ticket through many hands, this has suddenly become a health issue and needs rapid reassessment. Using barcode technology optimized the warehousing process, removing repetitive processes while maximizing resource utilization. 

• Poor Warehouse Layout

Efficient use of space is a vital success factor in warehousing in 2020, where people are trying to do more with less. Inadequate storage space and inefficient use of available spaces are common issues in warehouses with poor facility layout. Undesirable warehouse design is a significant concern for managers as there is a direct correlation to profits' negative impact. Besides maximizing the use of space, a good layout maximizes the use of equipment and labor, accessibility to all items, the security of all items, and staff safety. Implementing forklifts enables a configuration that maximizes both the total horizontal and vertical space.

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