Knowing the Importance of Effective Material Handling

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The material handling process underpins warehouse's entire productivity initiatives.

FREMONT, CA: A warehouse has a lot of moving parts. This is why poor material handling brings sweeping impacts. For better or for worse, it affects production flow, employee safety, and employee confidence. That said, understanding material handling systems and deploying best practices improves the function of the warehouse significantly. Effective material handling is not merely about sorting the goods into unit loads. Successful businesses invest time in monitoring and enhancing their material handling system. Read on to know more.

Beyond inventory management, effective material handling can increase employee morale. Well-structure systems and processes assist employees in completing work faster. A poorly designed warehouse positions machinery will have no regard for specific processes. With this employee's time on task is doubled. It can also result in employees moving heavy loads over long distances. Not only does poor material handling cause physical risks, but it poses mental risks too. Useless or inefficient activities lead to reduced mental health in workers, and unhappy workers are unproductive workers. They are also m

ore likely to take time off, increasing turnover, and raising recruitment costs.

The warehouse layout significantly influences the material handling system. It can be the difference between an efficient warehouse and a warehouse that can't keep it together. A poor warehouse layout causes bottlenecks, scales motion waste, and raises injury risk due to manual material handling. A well-designed warehouse layout optimizes processes, decreases worker movements, and positively affects employees' physical and mental health.

An overloaded facility has a detrimental impact on material handling. Improperly stacked loads can topple, causing injuries. Poorly stored goods need workers to move one product to get access to another. Understanding how much inventory a firm will store at a given time and how big the average item will help make smart decisions about pallet rack height and aisle space. Effective material handling processes keep production flowing, ensure that goods reach customers in time, prevent workplace injuries, and elevate overall employee confidence.

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