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Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

There are a lot of technologies that innovates the logistics business, and digital marketplace technology is one of them. Digitization not only addresses the potential disparity but also resolves all the challenges between supply and demand.

FREMONT, CA: The transformation in the e-commerce industry is bringing in innovation in the logistics industry and connecting people across the world through a managed supply chain. Besides, they have also reduced the cultural difference among people. Below are a few innovative technologies employed by the logistics industry:


Top 10 Logistics Tech Companies in Europe - 2019The automation technique employed by different logistics firms uses data-driven software. This is done to enhance an enterprise’s operational efficiency and also helped in streamlining various other logistics operations.

Labeling, sorting, and packaging, in addition to other logistics functioning, make use of automation practices. Some companies use automation for their entire cargo functioning. Automation assists in increasing the overall productivity of logistics and adds value toward revenue generation from online businesses.


The robotic technology possibilities have been made infinite, and several jobs are being carried out at once. With an increase in supply chain demands, several logistics firms are reducing their manual labor forces and moving to robotics. The growing significance of the logistics enterprises is leading to amplified adoption of robotics in different warehouses.

3D Printing

Another significant development changing the logistics and supply chain is 3D printing. It rebalances the labor expense and also decreases transportation and inventory management costs. In this process, the supply chain localizes the outsourced supply process and builds its own in-house logistics.


Blockchain involves the process of decentralizing the computer networks. The instance helps businesses keep permanent documentation of the transaction. It is a beneficial technology that contributes to the logistic sectors and allows cost-cutting, asset tracking, data verification, and others. Additionally, blockchain also helps in maintaining liability for the different logistics segments. It also assists in taking care of smart contacts and offer compliance.

Digital Logistics Technology

There are a lot of technologies that innovates the logistics business, and digital marketplace technology is one of them. Digitization not only addresses the potential disparity but also resolves all the challenges between supply and demand. The instance is leading to an enhanced platform for all e-commerce firms. Digital logistics is also helping different businesses to utilize their assets better and is improving the sales rate for retailers and decreasing the return ratio.

A Virtual calling Technology

Logistics businesses are introducing software with virtual calling capabilities using AI-driven technology. With the tool, the company automates a call to its customers to validate the specifications of a product. They also take care of all the non-delivery of the item and have shown to reduce return and refund prices.

The On-Demand and Crowd Shipping Technology

Many food outlets are making use of this technology for offering home delivery services. This on-demand technology supports bulk supply at a faster rate and enhances the last-mile delivery market. The crowd shipping process contains the delivery of individual parcels through an ongoing journey that boosts the supply rate in the market.

Use of Autonomous Vehicles

The deployment of autonomous vehicles carries the potential to transform the logistics industry on a large scale. The autonomous vehicles coming into the business are not only reducing the transport rate but are also warranting the right delivery at the accurate time.

Employment of Alternative Fuels

The future projects utilization of alternate fuel. They will offer more power to the vans and trucks in the years to come. The diesel is probably one of the paramount fuels, and numerous experiments are in progress to find out a better alternative.

Wearable Technology

This technology is quickly going to be a must-have form of technology. It doubles the speed of work, such as packing and shipping. Additionally, it also reduces human labor and automates the whole process. Wearable technology has increased logistics efficiency and is expected to improve in the coming years. The process not only reduces hassle but also helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

Use of Drones

Implementation of drones eases the coordination from shipment to delivery and also has a significant impact on efficient product delivery and can reach every part of the country. The regions contain rural, urban, and even extremely remote areas.

The rapid boom in the industry due to new-fangled technologies is transforming the future of logistics. These innovations are becoming some of the exceptional creations and are also proving to be competent in the industry.

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