Learn How Autonomous Robots Are Revamping Warehouses

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Warehouses managementThe introduction of robotics in the warehouse is a game changer as they have increased productivity immensely; therefore the buzz around the autonomous robots is justified. Several machines on the market can move the warehouse without human control. Here are seven good reasons why organizations must invest in autonomous robots.

1. Reduces operating costs: Implementation of autonomous robots could primarily drive value by minimizing direct and indirect costs and thereby increasing the revenue potential. These autonomous robots can be used to drive supply chain innovation.

2. Decreases labor cost and increases productivity: Autonomous robots can work for hours and thereby increases the productivity of an organization. Moreover, there will be a reduction in labor costs which will add to the overall revenue of the organization.

3. Increased Safety: Employee safety can be increased in hazardous environments, and injury and insurance leave costs can be reduced significantly. Robots are built with the advanced collision avoidance capabilities, which help the robots to zip past anything that comes their way and hence reacts quickly to potential accident run-ins as compared to humans.

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4. Meeting seasonal demands: Labors are mostly unavailable during peak holiday months and therefore are not able to meet seasonal needs. However, organizations can turn to robots to meet the labor demands during seasonal holidays. Some warehouses are using robots to train their temporary employees to add little value during the process of training.

5. Enhancing customer loyalty: During the process of material handling, autonomous robots can help in reducing errors and improve this cycle in a manner that it contributes to increase customer loyalty and drive sales growth.

6. Humans and Robots: Humans can work with the robots conveniently, can quickly train them with programmable movements, handling materials cautiously and sorting packages with human help.

7. Efficient Robotics: Autonomous robots can pick, pack, sort, test, build, inspect, count or even transport materials of various sizes faster and more efficiently than ever. One f the most prominent example would be drone technology combined with autonomous navigation and AI is used to understand inventory levels and location within the warehouses and is also helping to move inventory faster throughout the supply chain. Organizations who are investing in aerial robots are redirecting their employees to handle high-value activities and empowering the teams with rich information, which can be utilized later for better decision making.

With the advancement in robotic technology, it is expected that more benefits will be added to this sector. Moreover, autonomous robots are helping organizations to be more efficient and productive and are also serving the customer with better service and faster response times, and hence, warehouses must look forward to investing in this technology.

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