Loadsmith Unveils A Mobile App For Drivers To Boost Drive Time And Earnings

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, September 02, 2022

Carriers have complete visibility over the entire Loadsmith Freight Network, giving them maximum control over scheduling, load tracking, and billing.

Fremont, CA: Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important source of revenue. The overall ad income in 2020 was 581.9 billion dollars, and the mobile app industry may expand to 935 billion dollars by 2023. These and other app income numbers demonstrate how lucrative this sector can be with the proper app monetization tactics. While mobile applications may create a lot of money for app developers and organizations, users might wonder how to boost their typical mobile app income.

Loadsmith, the foremost third-party Capacity-as-a-Service (CaaS) logistics platform for shippers and carriers, launched the Loadsmith Driver App, the first mobile app for truck drivers to view every available load in the Loadsmith Freight Network (LFN) and book loads with a single tap.

"With the Loadsmith App, I can plan my entire schedule for the next few weeks, booking every load in advance, which makes my work and my life much more predictable," said Uriel Guizar, CEO at Glo Cargo Inc. "That means I can earn more and make plans with my family because I know when I'll be home and when I'll be on the road. Plus, with so much freight available in the Loadsmith Freight Network, I have more opportunities for loaded drive time, which increases my earnings."

Loadsmith's Driver App, now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, enables carriers to optimize their loaded drive time and profitability by providing them total control over load scheduling, tracking, and invoicing on their schedule. Furthermore, by easing the transactional responsibilities of load management, the software frees up time for drivers and their Loadsmith carrier manager counterparts to discuss business growth potential and strengthen relationships rather than focusing on load transactions.

Truck drivers drive for hours each day, which means they have few opportunities to schedule their next load, frequently managing booking and billing responsibilities during off hours, nights, and weekends. It makes it impossible for them to properly communicate with dispatchers and carrier management in order to organize loads, leaving them with idle time—time they get not compensated for.

Not to mention that today's modern driver expects user-friendly technology that allows them to do their work more quickly, with less time spent on administrative tasks and more time on the road, where they get compensated for every mile.

The Loadsmith App overcomes these issues by placing load booking and management at drivers' fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it, on a single, complete platform.

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