Logisitcs: Benefits of Telematics and Fleet Management Software

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, January 06, 2020

Telematics carries with itself a lot of benefits, of which efficiently transporting goods and helping deal with client’s customers are significant. 

FREMONT, CA: With its growing popularity, telematics has also made a mark in the transport and logistics industry. Consequently, most companies will find lots of advantages upon chartering telematics into their daily lives. Below is how telematics and fleet management software can change the logistics business:

Telematics and Transporting Goods

A logistics enterprise is accountable for planning and controlling the activities of services and products in a supply chain. They ought to transfer goods, materials, supplies, equipment, and sometimes even data from point A to point B, from the supplier to the client or customer, while keeping track of the product. The instance implies that telematics is the ideal match for a company that requires to keep track of items and vehicles, as it can assist employers of fleets in seeing where their drivers are, where they have been, and time taken for them to get where they are heading.

Telematics Can Help Deal with Client’s Complaints

As one tracks the movements of the fleet, they can see the actions of the supplies and products. If a client is complaining that their product was not delivered on time, then the enterprise can prove that the job was carried by showing the client the data from the telematics. The software will record, track, and give data on where the driver was at a particular time.

Additionally, if the driver is delayed by traffic, fleet management software can help relay a quicker route to the employee so they can get to their destination faster. The business can also send a message to the client to keep them informed that the driver and the commodities are on their way and give a precise estimated time of arrival upon knowing the fleet vehicle’s location. The occurrence means one can make an apology for any delays and keep the client updated with the whereabouts of their merchandise. Furthermore, if the driver is involved in an accident, firms can locate them more efficiently, let the client know, and send someone to retrieve the goods and carry on the journey.

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