Mobile Awareness' Tire Monitoring Pressure Offers Optimized Data Management and Remote Alerts

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SOLON, OH:Mobile Awareness LLC, a company that manufactures and designs  commercial vehicle safety products has developed a new semi truck tire pressure monitoring system with online data and remote alerts.

The system is capable of asset management and can be implemented for any size offering constant updates on temperature and pressure along with GPS location. The information from vehicles across the fleet is uploaded on cloud and can be accessed through Mobile TRAQ website. This provides management and maintenance staff with real-time actionable data to prevent field breakdowns. 

The tire pressure monitoring system consists of Mobile TRAQ Vue, which gives driver and maintenance team complete control over the management. This device works on RFID technology to pair tiers and configure assets within minutes. Mobile TRAQ Que telematics device, allows remote monitoring of trucks tire pressure,  allowing fleet managers to analyze driver’s behavior and status along with GPS location and identify slow leaks even the truck is left unattended. TireStat is based on TPMS sensors to meet industry demands and powered by both Mobile TRAQ Vue and Que to guarantee whether vehicle is on road or in the yard.

The data can be collected and uploaded on the web for range of dates. The tier performance data can be used to evaluate different tier brands and provide the required maintenance needed. It can analyze and compare different routes, drivers, and maintenance schedules including other variables. Additionally, it provides CSA rating for better fuel efficiency and helps prevent potential highway accidents and major blowouts. "The whole premise behind developing MobileTRAQ was to address the second highest fleet maintenance expense, tire management, with a complete and cost-effective turnkey solution,” says Gary Rothstein, CEO, Mobile Awwareness LLC.

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