New Freight Management Platform Boosts Flexibility, Visibility, and Control for Shippers

Logistics Tech Outlook | Saturday, May 14, 2022

NEXT Trucking launches a new customer portal offering shippers full control over their freight.

FREMONT, CA: NEXT Trucking, a FreightTech leader that connects shippers and carriers, launches its new Shipper Portal today. The robust online portal optimizes and expedites communications between NEXT Trucking and its shipper customers, mitigates manual processes, and offers real-time visibility into the status of containers. Amidst the global pandemic, supply chains face hurdles, driving shippers to consider evolving technologies to remain competitive. The NEXT Shipper Portal provides shippers an easy-to-use freight management platform to monitor, collect data, download reports, and take action on every phase of a container's journey.

NEXT stays committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the freight technology space. The company continues to offer customers easy-to-use technologies to optimize their distribution chains. The company is proud to provide shippers, freight forwarders, and ocean carriers more holistic, data-driven experiences through the new Shipper Portal, which will assist them in remediating key pain points in their daily operations and presenting them with data to better understand and handle their businesses.

Providing shippers full control over their freight, the new platform provides automated real-time shipment track and trace from vessel to termination, customizable reporting, scheduling potentials, automated using of at-risk containers, and a comprehensive dashboard with container ETAs, last free day, per diem, demurrage, and more. NEXT's Shipper Portal is user-friendly and is a game-changer for anyone involved in the drayage industry.

Advanced reporting features enable shippers to configure personalized trends and insights, view risk-ranked containers, and automate container status reports. Firms have long asked for more data about their shipments, as understanding vital business metrics like on-time delivery and facility wait times is essential. Additionally, it assists shippers in identifying priority containers that require attention, like containers with an upcoming appointment time, past appointment time, soon to incur demurrage/per diem, and more.

Future versions of the Shipper Portal will comprise an automated delivery order submission process leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, real-time notifications about vital changes to containers, and the potential.

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