NHS Test and Trace Selects Risk Ledger to Improve Cybersecurity

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, June 25, 2021

NHS Test and Trace selected Risk Ledger to handle cybersecurity risks in their supply chain as a proactive approach to combat the increasing threat of supply chain cyber-attacks.

FREMONT, CA: NHS Test and Trace has chosen British cybersecurity firm Risk Ledger to handle cybersecurity risks in their supply chain as a proactive approach to combat the growing threat of supply chain cyber-attacks to the NHS and other vital national infrastructure organizations. The Risk Ledger platform will provide the UK government-funded service with all the tools it needs to quickly manage cybersecurity threats in its supply chain at a low cost per supplier, at least 60 percent less than existing alternatives.

Third parties failing to encrypt sensitive data when sent might be a cybersecurity issue in the supply chain. NHS Test and Trace, which was created to monitor and help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in England, will use Risk Ledger's core innovation, a secure "social network" that allows organizations to safely connect and share vulnerable data quickly and easily. This provides NHS Test and Trace with unique supply chain insight and a comprehensive data collection to identify, quantify, and prevent supply chain security threats at scale.

Minister for Digital Infrastructure Matt Warman MP said: "The government is working tirelessly to secure the nation online and grow the UK's £8.9 billion cyber security industry as we build back better from the pandemic. We're helping SMEs develop innovative products and services and it's great to see Risk Ledger, one of the firms we've supported, win this contract to protect the Test and Trace system and support the national effort against coronavirus."

Risk Ledger's client base includes BAE AI, City of London Police, Telenor, Schroder's Personal Wealth and ASOS. Risk Ledger CEO and Co-Founder Haydn Brooks said: "NHS Test and Trace is essentially the biggest new start-up in the UK healthcare market so we are delighted they have chosen to take advantage of our ability to provide enhanced visibility of their supply chain risks. I am proud we will be part of the effort to secure this incredibly important supply chain."

"Healthcare organizations and their supply chains handle lots of highly sensitive data and have a high rate of data breaches. We have already seen during the COVID-19 pandemic that bad actors are actively targeting supply chains to access data and cause disruption," added Haydn Brooks.

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